Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chapters 25-27 (R.H) Pages: 337-381

Bostan said...

I liked these chapters, they were not my absolutely favorite but they were indeed good. I liked when Will and John asked to go out and have an adventure by themselves. It shows that they really miss the closeness of a small band and that was nice. I can understand, being around a lot of people can have disadvantages. Then the taking on of Peter was a new twist i didn't think he would return in the story but that was nice. And we get to see more of Lady Fritzwalter and that is nice. Right now i don't know if she is into Robin or Will. ????? But i guess we will see later on. I really want to find out!!!

Like the chapters!

Lain Said.....

I thought that these were good chapters. I liked the game that the two maidens were playing on Will Scarlet. It made me laugh. I also thought it very funny the reason why the old people talked to the young ones. It was hilarious! I feel horribly for Maid Marian. I was very pleased when she came to Sherwood. I knew all along that the man on horse back was Robin Hood, how she did not escapes me. I thought it very funny that he led Sir Guy in such a manner. I was glad that Robin Hood is letting her stay for a little while, but saddened that it is not for long. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

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