Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chapters 37-39 (RH) pages 588-626

Bostan Said.....
I loved the chapters where the merry men and robin hood were happy and pulling pranks on each other. Even the description of the men in dresses was a funny idea and i thought it sounds a lot like the movie "Men in Tights" staring Robin and men in tights. But i loved that chapter it was very good. And the last and final chapter for today and for the book. It was so depressing, I had high hopes that no one especially our favorite character was going to die. (I thought Edith Heal was not going to kill Robin like she didn't kill the sheriff or Guy who in some tales do have a fatal ending.) I was so devastated when the nun slashed his arm and let him bleed to death. I know it was in some tales but it is so sad to hear it described. So sad.. But other than that death and how he didn't get the girl because he loved the heaven mother to much it was a good book. It is one that i would suggest to those who love adventure, legends, and Robin Hood. I really loved it and the fact that my copy was pretty old made it even more real and special.

Lain Said.......

Oh my goodness, I new Robin Hood was going to die in the last chapter because of the title, but never, NEVER thought he would die that way.By a nun never the less!!!!! Ugggg.... It was horrible, I thought he might be able to die in his most beloved spot in Sherwood Forest, but no, he died in this nunnery by murder... What a horrible, horrible way to die. I am quite disappointed with the ending. It made me very sad. I think my favorite part in these chapters was the trick Midge, Peter, and Will played on Robin Hood. I thought it nice that they made him jolly once again. Over all I thought this book exceedingly good, and will delight in reading it over and over. I highly recommend it to all that love the adventure of an outlaw who has others best interests in mind.


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