Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapters 7-9 (TRS)

Bostan Said......
I liked today's reading, the trip with their new friend and making other friends. I liked the part of the feast and how every one was described. But i thought it was so funny when she fainted and it was nice of Thomas to go to her, but i thought it was basically on instinct and it was so like a boy to through cold water on her. I thought that was funny, nicely done Thomas. It was though sad when the old man dies. I did not expect that, that was sad. And he fell, but i bet he was gone before feeling the impact. That helps a little. Well i can't wait to read tomorrows chapters.
Lain Said.......

Today's reading was good because it really showed how Elenor and Thomas worked with each other. Even though they were not exactly friends, it showed the potential that was there for them to become so. I knew that Elenor should not have gone into that barn alone, and it was for very good reason, the same that we have today, for not going somewhere alone. Anyway, I thought it very sweet how concerned Thomas was for Elenor when he found that she had fainted. It shows that he no longer fully views her as the "Brat", which is a good thing. It was not my favorite of the readings but still very good, and I look forward to tomorrow's reading.

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