Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapters 4-6 (TheRS)

Bostan Said....

I actually really liked these three chapters. Now we are moving a bit more in the plot but i liked how the two characters Elenor and Thomas play along, they don't get along but i like it. Its not just another first meet love. The trip to the ocean was well described and i like how were going on it then and not being told about it afterwards. I like Elenor and i want to see how she fares on the year or so trip to take the villagers sins and pray for every one. I also really liked the Father Greg. He was really nice for his profession.

Lain Said....

I also liked these chapters also. I think they were very well written. I am happy that they don't get along at first, some of the best loves come from that. I do hope that the book is not TO lovey dovey, but a little, does not hert. I really did like Father Greg. I think he is very thoughtful and kind. I thought that the whole trip to the fair was funny, especially when the exotic bird turned out to be a duck. I laughed. I thought the sea voyage was very realistic, but not to drawn out. I am very happy with the book so far and can't wait to read more.

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