Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chapters 34-36 (RH) Pages:483- 539

Bostan Said:

I really liked these chapters, they had a bit of something new in them. I thought the Tournament was a good plan and the sheriff might have caught an out law (Like Will Studley or Midge) if they had not been warned. It was a sad attempt though. And i really loved the chapters of the secret message, the fight/ and deceiving that was in along for the ride. I think those two were my favorite of them all. And still i don't know what Robin truly thinks of Marian. It is that he likes her because she reminds him of the saint Marry, but then she is just a child, and then she is a woman. He should make up his mind because she really loves him, but if he doesn't act fast Will Scarlett is going to snap her up. She did say she could love him in a calmer England. So he should act fast.

Lain Said:

I also really enjoyed these chapters. i was indefinitely pleased with the tournament, and thought it so sad that one of the boys had to die. Today that would have been foul play, and there would have been a law suite, but back then, it was just like "To bad, okay, now on to the next event!" Anyway, I also liked the chapter about the hunt for the message. It was fun and witty. I really do hate Geoffrey, he bugs me..... I am also not sure about Robin Hood's feelings for Maiden Marian. I think he really likes her, but he is kept back from expressing his feelings for her because of "the virgin" which REALLY bugs me, but oh well, I really enjoyed today's reading, and can't wait to read more.

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