Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chapters 28-30 (RH) pages 382-432

Bostan Said........

I was happy with these chapters. They may be only three chapters but it is a lot of information and a lot of pages. I really liked the little adventures with Marian in the woods. They were nice and sweet. She is so much different than most female roles. She is independent but also feminine, and she is lovable. I do hope she and Robin end together, but i do feel bad for Will Scarlett. Poor guy if it happens like that. The trip to London was a good few pages and the trip back finished it all off. I loved how Robin fooled the Tinker, but i was surprised when he was beaten again! I know it happens a lot and i should give up, but i had hope that Robin would win. One thing is that i am not so sure of the Tinker he seems suspicious, but i guess we will have to wait and find out. ???????

Lain Said............

I liked it exceedingly well to see Maiden Marian in Sherwood with Robin Hood. I do think she is in love with Robin, but does not like the way that he looks at her. I Liked the part where they captured the Bishop AGAIN! I thought it quite funny. I thought it exceedingly amusing that the Sheriff was fooled again by the same trick. It really showed how greedy he was. Marian is so sweet. I like her alot. I think that Robin Hood is finally falling for her, maybe not. It is hard to tell with him. =) I thought it good that if Marian could not live with Robin Hood, that she live with the Queen, for I like her alot also. I thought all of the chapters amazingly good, and can't wait to read more, AGAIN!

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