Monday, July 27, 2009

Chapters 22-24 (TRS)

Bostan Said......
Oh i am so glad Elenor is safe and returned back to the crowd of friends. (I say Elenor because we still refer to her as Elenor in the book when she is talking)That was so Funny!!! Yes and Pierre is a decent man i thought, but a bit on the bonkers side of religion. But i won't go into that. I also thought it was funny when Elenor left and Thomas had came to see her (or find her anyways) and they had just missed each other. I suppose Elenor is liking Thomas more and that is good, well we just have to wait and see what happens next!!! But Still Thomas still doesn't know where to place her she is not the "Brat" and not Elenor yet, so we have to wait i guess..
I am glad that they found Greatheart. (The names a bit like Lionheart)

Lain Said.......

I REALLY like this book!!!! I thought that Pierre was a nice guy, and was glad that he respected her decisions in certain areas.(hehehe) I thought he was a very thoughtful man, and did well in taking care of Elenor. I also thought it SO sweet how worried Thomas was of Elenor, excuse me, Nora. He really is starting to CARE for her. I am glad that they found her puppy, Greatheart, and was so glad that they all were reunited. I thought it sweet that Thomas kissed Nora when he found her. I am also glad that Nora no longer does not want to marry Thomas. I CAN"T WAIT TO READ MORE!!!!!!

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