Thursday, July 16, 2009

Over all rating for (Robin Hood)

Title: Robin Hood

Author: Edith Heal

Pages: 626

Bostan's Rating:

This book i think had a flavor of Shakespeare. The wording was like his, but more easily readable, and that was a very cool element. The story was different and so are practically all of Robin Hood legends. This book had a bunch of different story pieces to it not just one main plot but a series of different plots but with a good follow up and a good motive. Some that were happy and some that were sad. This book is completely not one that you can just walk away and not think on it and it had some sad elements to it. And i really liked this book, it was written good and imagined good, i give an over all rating of 5/6. I loved it...

Lain's Rating:

I really enjoyed this book. It is now one of my favorites. It has adventure, but Robin Hood never kills anyone which I appreciated. Some did die though, which did live you saddened, but over all the story left you not thinking on all the bad things that happened, but on all of the jolly, and happy things. You were left to think of Robin Hoods cleverness, and all of his well thought out pranks. I really enjoyed this book, and how thoughtful Robin Hood was depicted. I also really enjoyed the characters They were all very believable in personality. I thought it all wonderful, and if it had not had so many things about the Virgin in it I would have given it a 5/5 but since it did, I will give it a 5/6, just as Bostan did. It is truly a masterpiece...

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