Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chapters 16-18 (TRS)

Bostan Said.......
I thought it was very big of T to give his horse in behalf for water. That was just basically SWEET. And even more so because he didn't want any praise for what he did. And wow he has to watch over all of those people! Wow that is a big job. But i liked the story's that they told, i wish that we got to hear the end of the last one. If i was that girl in the last hero story i wouldn't take all of that obedience, there is a fine line of loyalty and he went over it by taking her children. But i really like the characters, it seems not to just be about Elenor by the background characters getting there own personality's.

Lain Said........

I thought that these chapters were very interesting in there content. I was very worried about what would happen to Thomas, though in my mind I knew nothing serious would befall him. I was just worried about him, and am very glad he got away with basically a waring, and just a short sentence. I also thought it wonderful that Thomas gave his horse for the water for all of the Pilgrims. I like him better and better as the story goes on. I did really like the chapters on Heroes. I thought they made some very good points. I liked how Thomas summed up that one story. It was funny. Can't wait to read more!!!!

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