Friday, July 10, 2009

Chapers 37-39 (RH) pages 540-587

Bostan Said.......
I really liked these chapters. The siege was brilliant, we were not exactly taking any part in it but it went good and the evil party's were destroyed. And King Richard is back but is not exactly the way Robin imagined him. And as history goes the king stays in England for a time then goes back to the holy lands.. for years.. doesn't come back....(obviously the king made some foreign enemies...) (He should have gotten away with John) so That is how King John was one of the worst kings in English history. I feel bad for the people because they have a wayward king (lion heart) when a "king" should be with his people. But Robin Hood is a piece of hope and when nothing in life turns out Robin hood was there even though their king was not. I hope i hope i hope, Robin doesn't die...... Because in some tales he does. But i do have a good feeling that it ends well!!!!

Lain Said.........

I liked these chapters Immensely. I thought that the siege went well, but was sad that some had to die. I have to say that I thought that the trick that the King played on Robin Hood was quite delightful, and made me laugh. I really was disappointed in Richard for being so restless, and I thought Robin Hood would have been very sorely disappointed. I was. But it made me proud of Robin Hood with his response, and how he dealt with it. He was understanding as always, and was caring also. I just hope that Robin Hood gets to live to see Richard the Lion Hart live on to fulfill his role as king, and if he does die, i hope it to be of Old age, and not of cruelty. I can't wait to finish the book!

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