Friday, July 3, 2009

Chapters 31-33 (RH) pages 433-482

Bostan Said......

The first chapter "For the Saxons" I thought was a sad one and i wish Robin had not decided to go away. But that is what men do, they seek glory far away rather than being and finding glory close at home. But the next chapter i really liked it was on his journey and it was a fun tale about saving the poor Saxons from a death by hanging. That was i thought very witty and nice of him to think even of the poor ones. And The third chapter was a good conclusion of his travels and ad-temps, but it was sad to imagine him grey and tired. But they all were good in their own ways. I did also like the last chapter it was nice also to know how much he was happy at his arrival home and happy to see each one of his merry men. (although it was sad about his horse)

Lain Said.........

I was a little disappointed with the first chapter in today's read. Though I did like the other chapters very much. I was very happy with the way he saved the inisent Saxons from hanging. I thought it was very humorous, and don't think I could have pulled that off, for I would have been mad at the page, and started saying some things that would have given me away. But it all worked out in the end. I was very glad of Robin Hoods return to Sherwood. I think he missed it, and I was very sad about the horse. Poor horse, I would have thought he would have had a better reward than death.... but that is how it went. I am glad that Robin is back, and I can not wait to read more!!!!!

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