Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chapters 4-6 (R.H) pages 23-49

Bostan said..........

Now we are moving more into the story line and i think i am getting to know the characters more in depth. I learned something new, i never knew that Guy had a son in some versions And i really really want to know who Goldfrey or is it Godfrey (I think that's his name) is. And I want to know how old Maid Marian is. So far my favorite part of these chapters are the fight and dialogue of Robin and John Little AKA Little John. It is getting better, can't wait to read more.......

Lain said............

I really am starting to like this book. I did not like the whole "Mary" thing, but thought it was needed so that he would never kill if possible. I really liked what he id at Guy's son's party. It really showed what a cowed Godfrey is. I also thought that the banter between Little John and Robin Hood was funny, it also showed Robin Hoods weakness. If he lets emotion take over, in the end he will lose. I myself think Robin Hood would have won if he did not let emotion take hold. All in all I really liked it!

Starting Robin Hood Chapters 1-3 (Introduction Op)

Bostan Said........

I like how i can imagine that i was their, either in the forest or in the crowds. The author most defiantly put so much effort in creating a story from just ballads. And i was really surprised by the death or should i say murder. The one thing that caught me in the beginning is that they are not in Nottingham or his name is Robert Hode. I suppose all the story's that i hear is a bit different ( like how Cinderella is told each time differently) and i think Robert is the Robin for the 1170 century and Hod for Hood. But i can't wait to read more and find out when or if he gets or receives the name Robin of Locksley.

Lain Said............

I thought it was written impeccably! I thought it might have been a little hard to follow, because of some of the older English, and of it being written not recently. But the author, did magnificently in making it so easy to understand, and making it so that we could really feel like we are there with Robert, who's mother gave him the name of Robin. I can't wait to read more, and to see how his character develops!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Robin Hood, By Edith Heal

Going to start this book!

Chapters- 3 a day.

Starting date: Wednesday 29

Estimate Finish date: A week or Two

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Overall Rating For (False Colours)

Lain's Rating..................

I would give this book a 3 1/2 out of 5. I really enjoyed it. I am very glad I read it, and would recommend it to anyone who likes books that take place in the Victorian Era. =)

BOstan's Rating...............

I give this book 4/5 because i really liked it. It is something that i would read over and over again in the future.

Chapters 19-22 (FC)

Bostan Said..............

I really liked the end of this book, the conclusion really was well thought of. It did not end on an exact event or the end of a important scene, but i could see it played out in a movie.( The camera coming off from a lower zoomed shot then slowly zooming out and the shot getting higher, and then the credits) I very much liked the ending because it showed how highly she loves her two boys, and how highly they love her. (But i still am not fond of Sir Ripple.) I really like books that end with a nice conclusion and don't go to far off in the future so that you can depicted a future with your own mind. Very well done i say.

Lain Said................

I really appreciated the ending of the book. They concluded it well, and rapped up all the lose ends. I extremely appreciated all the conversation in the book. I my self find that Sir Ripple grew on me. I think he was generally misunderstood. All in all I loved the book, although some parts were slow, which some people can not stand, I am not one of them. I think most books worth reading have at least a few slow spots, and if you are not ready to accept that, I don not think you should be reading at all. (Not really, if you are that kind of person, you just need to chose your books very carefully.) I thought the book was superbly written. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chapters 16-18 (FC)

BOstan Said.........

These chapters i think are very important to the story in the least because they can't get to badly caught for their plan to work. I thought Sir. Bonamy is a bit knocked off his rocker, but he does seem to have a nice soul towards his LADY. But the thing that caught me is that Kit is OK with him being ever his mothers admirer, and the way that Kit and Evelyn blame their father. They treat him as he weren't even related, but the whole 'father should have payed off mothers debts' is i think wrongly directed, because it is even stated that Lady Denville never told him of the large percent of her debts. So how can he blamed for everything he probably was not the nicest man but he deserves credit in the least. And about her marrying him to young and stuff, it was only her mistake because she didn't have to marry him then nor ever. But back to Bonamy, if i was Kit or Evelyn i would be not be very happy with him hanging around trying to steal my mother. I would not have it. =) So i do feel beter when Evelyn says that he does not like the way Bonamy acts, when he calls his mother his pretty.

But i did like the whole adventure on trying to keep their secret in the shadows and it was a funny conversation with Kit and his brother. And i loved the way how Lady Denville persuaded her sister into leaving for the greater good, that was funny.


Lain Said.............
I myself don't mind Sir. Bonamy. Sure he is not exactly good to look at, but he fully devoted to HIS lady. I think it very nice of him to pay for Kit's mothers debts, and not in the least offensive. I am the kind of person, who will take a kind favor, if it is prevailed upon me, but of coarse I will NOT hint for one, or ever ask for one, unless we are VERY well acquainted, and only if they offer. But all in all I thought the chapters excessively charming, and loved the discussion. I also thought that Sir. Bonamy, did get a little to offend, about the whole loaning her money thing. I grow to like Cresssy more and more with each reading. I do hope everything works out, and am happy with today's read.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Chapters 13-15 (FC)

Bostan Said...............

I got a few laughs during these chapters. I liked the response of Cressy, i really thought that she would be mad or at least giving him a lecture when he found out that she knew what he knew. But i suppose she knew of his secret for a while and had time enough to be mad in her way. And the return and explanation of Evelyn's travel, for some reason i thought he was chasing after something, more likely a girl. :)

But this explanation showed that Evelyn did not totally intentionally forget of his duty and that he has good virtues. I don't know why i was that naive to be tricked, i don't know if you were tricked on that response as i was.

But it was a turn when Evelyn said that he took a fancy to the the maiden of the family who took care of him when he had a very bad accident. I would have thought that Evelyn would go on not knowing of Kit's fancy to Cressy, that would have lead the story into another direction. But i really liked reading these chapters and the next chapters could not come any sloooower.


Lain Said.......................

I also extremely liked these chapters, and was happy that Cressy knew, so that is one of the nots that is out of the tangle. I was also so sure that Evelyn was out following some girl, but in fact he wasn't (sort of.) i am glad he is okay. patience sounds like a nice and beautiful girl. I just hope all goes well. can't wait to read the rest!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chapters 10-12 (FC)

BOstan said.........

I still like it! I really like Cressy, and i don't know how the story is gonna end, but it will be something big or funny or something. I still like Kit's mother but she could act a little responsible and could stop spending on clothes for two seconds. I could understand if they were not in debt, but they are and she should stop or Kit should say something. But it was a funny way for Her admirer to tell Kit off, and if i were Kit i would just deny anything. Really.


Lain said...............

I thought it absolutely hilarious on how his mother justified her expenditures. I like Cressy all the more, for she is not afraid to do things some people back then would have thought to be a servants work, which is arranging flowers. I myself love to do so. I also think her grandmama is coming around.  She seems to be a little less unpleasant, and I am happy of her opinion of Kit. I also thought it was quite funny that Bonamy should have recognised Kit by the way he opened his snuff box! I would not be like him at all in his not wanting to know. I am the kind of person that loves to know a good secret. That is not to say that I will put my nose where it is not welcome. But I do love to know things, and am a very curious person. I also really liked Cressy for her calm response, and I wonder what in the world she meant when she said she was already interested in someone else. I have my ideas but will have to wait and see. 


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chapters 7-9 (FC)

Bostan Said...............

I found it pretty good! Yep!

Well i liked the chapters, and i liked the conversation. It is refreshing to read a book like this that has a lot of conversation. Don't get me wrong i love my other favorites but this is different, she might not do it for all of her books i don't know, but it is nice in my view. MY favorites are starting in the beginning, i liked the conversation from the journey to the country house to the the conversation from the house. I really like Kit because he is not perfect and fails at times but he is a nice bloke. From a short acquaintance i like the old nurse, she seemed really nice. And in the story i liked the change of plans, His mother coming down and acting so childish. I think she is cool, and the arrival of the dreaded guests was a nice change and startle. It was pretty funny the way Kit's mother acted and how she invited her brother to stay, for that reason. Cressy is a nice character, i love her. And in a comical way her grandmama is not as bad as every one says, she is just old style and made to be rude and mean. I think it is the effect of having wealth to fast and for to long. I hope no one criticise me for saying i sort of like her. :)


Lain Said.....................

I am forever in love with this book! I thought it amazingly amusing, with new twists along the way. I enjoyed the conversation immensely, and think the whole story line splendid. I think it hilarious that his mother invited her intolerable family just to be red of Cressy and her grandmama! I am exceptionally drawn to Cressy. I think it is her lightness of manner, and her wit. She is sweet, yet shy, and she always tells her mind. Kit and her seem to be a good match, but of coarse this is not suppose to be. It always seems to be that way. I am growing ever more curious of his brothers were abouts. Well all in all I thought it VERY well written, and the description of the estate. 


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bible reading........

I was wondering, if you think we should create a new blog for our bible reading schedule? That way, this site does not get to cluttered. If you think it would be a good Idea, I can create a new blog, that way you can still be able to get on it, and it will be nice to have a separate blog to avoid clutter. What do you think??? Just tell me and I will ether still keep on posting for the bible reading on this blog, or create a new one so we can post there. I would like to know by tomorrow, that way we could have today's feedback on the bible reading on it. Thanks!


Chapters 4-6 (FC)

Bostan Said.......................
I really like it now. I like Kit and even Evelyn's almost lover. I really like how the story is turning and as it goes on kit is getting into even more trouble. He heard it himself she said she likes Evelyn even more now and since he is kit not Evelyn he is in trouble about that. I really want to know what happened to Evelyn and i don't know what story about his disappearance to believe. ?????? i am intrigued. I hope you liked it. The chapters seemed to fly faster this time.


Lain Said...........................
I really liked it! It did seem to go faster than last time. The conversation was amazing!!!! I like Cressy immensely, and she seems to have a head on her shoulders. I think my favorite thing about this reading was the conversation between Kit and Cressy. I also thought that his mothers suitor, was kind of funny. Well that is all I have time for today, and am glad you liked it. I can't wait to read chapters 7-9!


Chapters 1-3 (FC)

Bostan Said..............
I am glad you liked it. I was glad that it was entirely dialogue, we get to understand the characters better it think. I still want to know more about kit, but i really like his mother. She is more like the friend mother and that's cool. I am glad that it begins with a mystery and i can't wait to see what happens to Evelyn. The Author really put good conversations that fit the right person and that is very engaging. I agree with you, let the next chapters pour on.....

Lain Said..................

I was surprised by it! I really did not know what to expect, but no this. I really liked it a lot! I was just surprised by the first 3 chapters being almost entirely dialogue! I thought it was wonderful though. I really like Kit, and Evelyn sounds like a character! I also LOVE his mother. She is funny and laid back, not prone to worry, and can laugh at herself. All in all I really liked this first read, and I think that I will really like the book also. I can't wait to read chapters 4-6 in our next reading!