Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chapters 16-18 (FC)

BOstan Said.........

These chapters i think are very important to the story in the least because they can't get to badly caught for their plan to work. I thought Sir. Bonamy is a bit knocked off his rocker, but he does seem to have a nice soul towards his LADY. But the thing that caught me is that Kit is OK with him being ever his mothers admirer, and the way that Kit and Evelyn blame their father. They treat him as he weren't even related, but the whole 'father should have payed off mothers debts' is i think wrongly directed, because it is even stated that Lady Denville never told him of the large percent of her debts. So how can he blamed for everything he probably was not the nicest man but he deserves credit in the least. And about her marrying him to young and stuff, it was only her mistake because she didn't have to marry him then nor ever. But back to Bonamy, if i was Kit or Evelyn i would be not be very happy with him hanging around trying to steal my mother. I would not have it. =) So i do feel beter when Evelyn says that he does not like the way Bonamy acts, when he calls his mother his pretty.

But i did like the whole adventure on trying to keep their secret in the shadows and it was a funny conversation with Kit and his brother. And i loved the way how Lady Denville persuaded her sister into leaving for the greater good, that was funny.


Lain Said.............
I myself don't mind Sir. Bonamy. Sure he is not exactly good to look at, but he fully devoted to HIS lady. I think it very nice of him to pay for Kit's mothers debts, and not in the least offensive. I am the kind of person, who will take a kind favor, if it is prevailed upon me, but of coarse I will NOT hint for one, or ever ask for one, unless we are VERY well acquainted, and only if they offer. But all in all I thought the chapters excessively charming, and loved the discussion. I also thought that Sir. Bonamy, did get a little to offend, about the whole loaning her money thing. I grow to like Cresssy more and more with each reading. I do hope everything works out, and am happy with today's read.


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