Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chapters 1-3 (FC)

Bostan Said..............
I am glad you liked it. I was glad that it was entirely dialogue, we get to understand the characters better it think. I still want to know more about kit, but i really like his mother. She is more like the friend mother and that's cool. I am glad that it begins with a mystery and i can't wait to see what happens to Evelyn. The Author really put good conversations that fit the right person and that is very engaging. I agree with you, let the next chapters pour on.....

Lain Said..................

I was surprised by it! I really did not know what to expect, but no this. I really liked it a lot! I was just surprised by the first 3 chapters being almost entirely dialogue! I thought it was wonderful though. I really like Kit, and Evelyn sounds like a character! I also LOVE his mother. She is funny and laid back, not prone to worry, and can laugh at herself. All in all I really liked this first read, and I think that I will really like the book also. I can't wait to read chapters 4-6 in our next reading!


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