Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bible Reading Schedule

This is the schedule for our bible reading. As you can see we will be doing it daily, and we will read 3 chapters a day, except for Monday.  After we have read the 3 chapters of the day, I was thinking that we could, ins ted of writing a review, we can quote our favorite verse from the bible reading. That way, it won't be to stressful, and won't take up the time of  a review. Oh and the reason why I don't have any schedule for the beginning of the Hebrew scriptures, is because I new that we were going to be reading them in our TMS soon, so I thought it best not to cover them twice to soon. Tell me what you think, and if you like we can start tomorrow with Job.  We will basically read them in the order that they are below, from the first book listed ect. And you can pick the first wild card, where we will read the book you pick, and we will read it every Sunday till it is finished, then I will pick, ect. (We will try not to cover the same book twice.) I am so excited, and hope you like it! Tell me if you don't and we can change things, if you do like it, as I said we can start reading tomorrow!

Monday: Weekly Bible reading (from Theocratic Ministry School)
Tuesday: The accounts of Jesus Life (Matthew-John)
Wednesday: Poetry and Songs (Job, Psalms, and Song of Solomon
Thursday: Prophecy and moral guidance (Isaiah to Malachi, and Revelation)
Friday : Advice (Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes)
Saturday: Letters (Romans to Jude)
Sunday: Wild card, (a bible book that we pick, we can each take a turn =))



  1. I like it, i like it. oH i really like the verse idea i never thought of that, it is good. Can't wait to start!

  2. Good, as I said we will start tomorrow. I cant wait! (We will start with Job tomorrow, Isaiah Thursday, Proverbs Friday, etc.)

  3. By the way, you get to chose the first wild card book. What shall it be?

  4. I would like to do Esther.

    could we not do it on sat. and sunday. I have a two day convention then and it would be to much. Only if you don't mind.

  5. SOrrrrry.....
    BOSTAN SAID......... the above comment