Sunday, March 29, 2009

Extra Reading

Hey Bostan,

 I was wondering, since I am going to have so much extra time this next month, and I have been meaning to do this more regularly, because I dearly want to , and know I should.... If we could maybe, (and only if you have enough time) with our book we are reading, also do some bible reading as well daily. It has been hard for me to do so lately, for I have been so busy, but I feel if I was doing it with some one at the same time it would be more fun, and I would be more likely to keep at it. What do you think? If you have too much to do i totally understand, but if not I would be so excited and grateful, plus I think it would strengthen us both spiritually. Well, just tell me what you think, and if it is a yes, we can figure out more details later. Thanks for listening, and if you can't do it, I understand. 



  1. No it sounds good, i like reading my bible in the morning and that way if we do it i can stick with it more strongly and you also.

  2. Great! I will post a new schedual for that later!