Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chapters 9-13 (RWAV)

Bostan Said.........
The book gets better and better! I really like some of the chapters profoundly. I am glad that Cecil loves our miss. Lucy, because it is best that he does not love her so much or to little. It is hard to explain, i want him to like her but then not too too much. I love the whole comical illustration of the pond scene and found that because of it and George's out burst in shouting Lucy's name i like him better and he is not so much depicted as so shy. Well i hope you can find a little to agree to in what i have said and i can't wait to read on.

Lain Said.............

I loved it. I thought it really showed of the characters, and their back round. I am in no way a fan of Cecil's. I am not that found of George ether, because I don't know much about him I think. But I do like him a hole lot better than Cecil. The thing about this book, is that they don't have exactly, well.... heroic heroes and heroins. I think it is good for a change, for I find that there are so many heroes and heroines that are so perfect, that they are hard to relate to. Well all in all I liked it and hope you did too. Hope to hear from you soon, and I will be sure to post soon too. We will read chapters 14-17 tomorrow, and will finish it Tuesday. :)


  1. I do agree with what you have said. Are we reading False Colors after The Ransom of Mercy Carter? If not and even if we are we should pick out another future read so we can both order them in necisary. Take your time.

  2. I haven't gotten Ramsom or False Colours yet but i will post you when i do.
    But i think that plan is good. For our future read you should pick one and i can pick one, then once we are either in Ransom or F.C we can order it. I think during Ransom though.