Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chapters 21-25 (Paradise)

Bostan Said.......
It was incredibly sad and heartwarming. I found it fascinating that in the authors notes she ended it differently without a death than how it would have ended, but i loved the book! Spending that long on an island would be very weird, and she did a fantastic job in creating the illusion and remaking the very set up of the island. When i first had opened the book i thought that they all were going to be rescued and how different did it turn out to be!
But i can't wait to read the next book,

Lain Said...........
I really liked the ending of the story. I thought some was sad, like the whole dieing thing..... But she was saved and she had her little baby to remind her of those she lost. I can't believe that the Indians never came back with a boat. I thought for sure they would. But I am still glad about the fisherman's finding her. The part that made me the saddest, and I know I probably could never do, is the preparing your best friend for death. I still don't know how she did it....... I would just be to devastated. But I guess if that is your best friends last wish, and it was for your benefit, than maybe I could. (Just maybe). All in all I thought the book was wonderfully written, and I just wish it was a happier story, but because it is based on true events, I guess she did her best. Well I hope you liked it!

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