Monday, March 30, 2009

Chapters 11 and 12, The Ending and Authors Note (TROMC)

Bostan Said...................................

I really like the whole story and it had some really sad parts but then some really nice parts. You could really tell that Mercy's Indian mother loved her and in a big and strong Indian way her Indian father did too. I was sad when he died and the paragraph was so straight to the point that i had to read it again to understand that it was him that died. My only regret is that it was not longer and with me that is a good thing, who whats a good book to end??? But their is that lagging feeling of her lonely father back in her old home that is a very sad thought. I don't know why but i think Joesph and Mercy would have been a good ending or future ending, and in the Ending chapter and they tell that Sam was not ransomed but died that was really really sad, but at least he had a happy ending. The stupid St Lawrence river! Well i liked the book exceedingly!


Lain Said..................................

I thought the ending was great, and I think that this was my favorite chapters so far. I think that it was write for her to stay. I was so so so sad when her Indian father died!!!!! It was so sad, he had just helped and saved Mercy, from those horrible sailors. But I guess that is what happens when you take on a bear, but still that just about toar my heart out. I also was defiantly not happy when Ruth did not want to let Mercy morn. I am glad she did not escape, for I believe the Indians needed her more. I also liked how the author took real life and made a story out of it. Well all in all I LOVED it and can't wait to read False Colours!

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