Monday, March 23, 2009

Chapters 14-17 (RWAV)

Bostan Said........
I agree, i really like this book. I really like George, Lucy, and her strange brother. Charlotte really is so awful, i can't believe how tiresome she is. George and Lucy have improved, not in the way Cecil thinks people should improve but in brightening their characters. Mrs.Honeychurch is such a character, she has a similar resemblance of Mrs. Bennet in Pride and prejudice. And so yha i really liked it and it is succeeding my expectations.
I can't wait to read, The Ransom of Mercy Carter.

Lain Said..........

I think this was my favorite reading yet. I liked it so much because all of the main characters really got a say in it. You found out more about them, and it made you love George, and dislike Cecil, which is the way it should be. Lucy, also greatly improved. I think she had a much stronger character in these chapters than in any of the previous. I am very pleased with this book. My favorite part of these chapters was the part in which George talked, and told Lucy that he loved her. The reason being not because I liked that he loved her (which I did) but because it showed his real personality, and it made you really like him. Well I can't wait to finish the book tomorrow, and start The Ransom of Mercy Carter.

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