Friday, March 6, 2009

This is Bostan,

Hey Lain, i got in! It was tricky but simple at the same time. I promise i will only stick to this blog link of ours, what fun would it be other wise. :)

So i just thought i would write a post, so you can hear it for yourself. I really liked the challenge to find the treasure. It was fun, and thought out, wow you must have really thought about that post!

I'll catch up with you later,

Your friend/ forever like.


  1. Hey BOstan,

    Yeah it was fun. I just had to keep on thinking up sentences that started with each letter, and it all had to make some scene. It was fun, and if we ever want to communicate something semi secret we can do it that way. Just say wink, wink in the header and we will both know. By the way have you decide about our second book yet? I might be able to get that book before the one I ordered and it might become our first. Well any way, when you do think of some books, you can put up a new poll. Hope I get more time to write a new post soon.

  2. I put up a poll, hope you like it.

  3. I really want to read A room with a view, but my library will have to order it, so I think we should read ransom my Heart, and then my book, Paradise and then maybe room with a view. Tell me what you think so I can order it if you want to, and so I can get Ransom my heart, because my library has it. All the other books look good to. Just tell me what you think.

    p.s. I don't think it will take long to read each of the books, so it is good to plan ahead.

    p.p.s. I also think that we should set a goal at how many chapters we read a day and such. What do you THink??

  4. Great ideas! I wish i thought about the chapter goal. Since you have the whole order thing problem (not really a problem but...) you can diside the book first, because i have the three books already. Its your choice.
    But we should do the whole chapter goal. I hope you don't not want to read Ransome my heart, because thats ok too.
    Comment soon.

  5. Yeah, I still want to read ransom my heart. I will get it at the library today if possible. Then I will tell you when I get it, and when I get the other books to. I think the order should be

    1) Ransom my Heart
    2) Paradise
    3) Room With a View
    4) (maybe depending on what you want) The Ransom of M. C.

    Please tell me what you think, and if you want to read the last one, if not, than it's okay.

    p.s. we can read defiantly#1 first, but read the others in the order we receive them.

  6. yes i like that plan. We can do that.

  7. Hey, i wrote a discription of Ransom My heart and it is saved as a draft so all we need is the date, you can look at it if you have time.

  8. Hehehehehe, it says I posted the last comment. I looked at it and it looks good, we just need to both have the books. I will have it by the end of today (probibaly).

    p.s. how many chapters can you read a day???

  9. I got mine a few minuets ago. So we can start when ever you get your book. So how many chapters can you read a day????

  10. Ahh, humm. I don't think i have counted but i can set it at pretty much anything. I really can't put a number, here maybe either 3 to 4or 5 chapters a day. What do you think??? which one?? Since you are busy i don't want to suggest anything to much.

    I left a comment saying 'That i have the book already'

    Yea your name is on my post, it didn't hit me until i reread it and it was published. I forgot to leave my name. LOL

  11. Good so you have the book. We can start tomorrow. How does 5 chapters sound??? Get back to me as soon as you can, if you want to you can publish the post now. I cant wait. Just tell me what you think, and we can officially read the fist 5 chapters tomorrow, and then leave a post on what we thought. Just tell me what you think. Hope to hear from you soon!!

  12. Cool!! I will publish it right now.
    Great! Can't wait.