Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chapters 11-15 (Paradise)

Be careful Spoilers

Bostan Said....................

I teared up! I would have cried but i was in front of people and that would have looked weird. But it was so sad that for a minuet i wanted to stop reading, but i continued and it is good even though it is so so so very sad. When Pierre slowly faded i thought he was just faking it and even though they had buried him i was waiting for him to come back. Every time when a loved one dies in a book or movie i always wait for them to pop back up and come back even though a part of me knows that it won't happen. Ahhh! I was just not expecting that it is so sad.

Lain Said..........................

I loved it, but it was soooooooo sad. The thing with me is that, I normally don't cry with movies, but I cry more with books, which is kind of weird. I cried when I read that Pierre died. I think I could survive being stranded on a island as long as I had my friend and my husband. But to have one of them die, especially if that was your husband, with whom you planed to spend the rest of your life with, die on you, I don't know if I could stand it. Especially if that was a third of your population, and helped you the most with hunting and building. I would have been so traumatised. I was not expecting him to die..... It was kind of like, What? At first when he got sick, I thought, oh no he is going to die, then eh got better and I was so relieved, then when he actually died, I thought some how they would save him or something. Oh it was such a terrible yet wonderfully written chapters. I could just feel her pain. I wonder what is going to happen with the Indians...... Well I can't wait to read the next chapters, (16-20) I had to force myself not to read on. Well it looks like we will be done with this book by Wednesday. I hope I get my book in by then.



  1. My exact feelings. I still am expecting him to come back to life, but I know he won't. Well I hope the story is less sad in this next reading.

  2. I finally got the next two books. So when we want to start A room with a view we can. And by the time we finish that one, you will probably have the ransom of mercy carter.

  3. Great!

    I just hope she doesn't marry an indian for Pierre's sake, that would be to soon, and I hope she gets her sister.