Thursday, March 19, 2009

Intoroduction and Chapters 1-3 (RWAV)

Bostan Said.......
I really liked it so far. E.M Forster really made Florence real and in the eyes of someone who new it well and in a tourists view for that of Miss. Lucy. I like Lucy because she understands that women should do things for their self, but she knows the hypocrisy of laws set for the good breed of people. Miss. Bartlett is a person who i would know, and she can i think be very vexing but at the same time amusing. And lastly i was very shocked that miss. Lavish would leave like that and strand her companion alone. Well i hope you like it.


Lain Said...........

I really liked it also! It was mostly just like the movie. I think the part I like the most about this so far, is that it is really easy to focus on. Some authors that wrote father back, sometimes are harder to focus on. I still love them all, but I can not have any distractions when I read them. I do like Lucy, but I think she is a little naive. I also think Miss Bartlett is a funny person, and I think she sometimes takes advantage of Lucy, but of coarse always justifies it., like taking the bigger room, she made it seem as if it was for Lucy's benefit. I think it is all hilarious. I also like George and his father. I feel that they would be people that I would get along with. Sure they don't exactly have tact, but it is sometimes nice to know what people think with out them trying to "flower things up" so as not to hurt your feelings, while other times I would find them utterly annoying. But for the most part, great fun. Well, I can't wait to read more. We will read chapters 4-8 today, and 9-11 the next. Thanks again. 



  1. No problem.

    I would rather be with a person who is bubbly and funny than with someone who never tries anything new.

  2. Me too. When I come there, we will have a lot of fun, and I am up for doing new things.

    p.s. how far are you from my aunts?

  3. Well i live on a hill, and it takes like 15 min. to walk to her house. its mostly hills, but it is a quick walk. My house is in a new portion that is just being put togheter.

  4. Bostan Said..
    Sorry i didn't put my name on the last comment.

    A little note, i put chapter 4-8 in the drafts