Sunday, March 8, 2009

Future Read:

Ransom my Heart, by Meg Cabot

Starting Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About a young woman named Finn Crais, she is the daughter of a poor miller living in 1291 England. When her older sister Mellana gets pregnant and has no dowry, Finn agrees to her ridiculous plan and kidnaps a rich noble man who's return from the crusades made him a very rich man. The plan is to hold him for ransom, but will she come home with less of a heart than she hoped to? And will this absurd plan work?


    So we start tomorrow, do you want to write a post on what we each think tomorrow after we read begin it or what?

  2. For me it is tomorrow, so I will start reading after I get done with school and such. I think we should post what we thought the next day, that way nether of us will see what the other wrote before they complete the chapters. So here it goes. We will both read the Introduction and chapters 1-5. I will check with you tommorow to see what you thought.

    p.s. YOu can actualy put your reviews for the chapters at night if you want because I will already be in bed, but you will just have to wait till like 8 or 9.

    p.p.s. r we going to do whole new posts for the reviews or what? I think we should do whole new posts. Here is what we can do. We can (today I will do it, but tomorrow you can do it if you want. Or we can make a bunch a head of time.) make a post but put it as a draft, and put the title as like Chapters 1-5. Then eave a space for each of our comments, so we don't have to comment on what we thought of the book in a comment bar like I am now. So we will each put our comments in it, you will probably do it first, then I will edit the post and put my comments in it to, and then I will post it. Sorry if this is all a little confusing. Just look in the drafts for this blog and you will understand.