Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chapters 17-18 (COTBT) (Sat)

Bostan Said . . . . . .

Goody!!! I'm first to write, but i don't think i will be to far ahead of Lain. She might be along in a few minuets or something. - Well again and again i say that i love the chapters and today is not an exception, i really found these chapters amazing. It was only two chapters but their was so much to fill them, so much new excitement. (I have a note book that i write what happened in each individual chapter and what i thought of them, just so i don't forget what happened in the book and i can write about it later. It helps.) Well i can't believe she goes out and plays with Gully!! But i suppose it wasn't so bad, i mean she made money and got to keep her share. I 'm so glad she didn't let him bully her and she made her point on keeping things fair with their partnership. (Though all Gully will do is buy more drinks with all of his money, get drunk and end up in jail again. Being a drunk does not suit the man, he gets mean.) Well i do still not like Gully, but he's not so so bad, its just i think all he's going to do is cause more trouble along the way. (And Jacky doesn't need any more trouble.) The men in the bar like her and her singing and all but it really is no place to be for a young girl. No place at all! Its dangerous for girls, i don't want to be all girls can't do it but the truth is that it is more dangerous for girls than boys and we can't change it no matter how hard we try. Even if it isn't fair. I love how Jacky likens the school to a ship, her ship. And it works because she had good things that happened in the school as in the ship and bad things too, she also has to find her place and cope. As i remember she didn't always love being on the ship, nothings always perfect. I'm glad though she's getting on better terms and trying to fix things with Amy. Its a good idea to call her Miss at school and Amy and Sister outside, she might get in trouble if someone catches her calling Amy, Amy. They find out some interesting things from Ephraim Fyffe! Interesting indeed. And i do agree with Jacky that they should be allowed to do things that they want, i mean they are in America! (even though it didn't always feel like the land of the free then. Still so many rules, hehehehe.) And Again!! When will she ever learn? She can't keep singing in the streets as she knows Wiggin's to be on her about it. But that was a fun adventure - all the running and visiting Mamseelle. One last outburst for me today!! She's going to stay with Amy!!!! Ha, i knew it would work out. Can't wait as usual for our next reading. BOstan~

Lain Said. . . . . . . . . ..

I have a horrible feeling about her working with Gully... It just does not sit right with me... I don't know... He seems to be doing well so far, but I am not putting my trust in him... I don't think I ever fully will. I think it is a bad idea to be involved with him... It will only bring trouble... Every time she goes anywhere I always cringe... i always think something is going to happen... Can't stand it!!! But yet I love it, because it keeps me on my toes. I am glad that Amy went with her to the town... WOW they had an adventure! I really like Ephraim... I think he is a good man... It will be very interesting how everything works out! I am also very glad that Jacky is going to go for the weekend with Amy, I think it will be for the best!!!! Can't wait to read more!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Chapters 12-16 (COTBT) (Friday)

BOstan Said . . . . .

Again i am very happy and amazed by the skill in these amazing 5 chapters!! Very well done i must say!! I should be sick of all this goodness but i ain't! I'm ready for more. Well where do i start, how about at the beginning of chapter 12. Awwwe, she is releasing Jaimy from their engagement if he doesn't want her anymore. But i am glad she is telling him the truth, lies are no good. God!!! I hate that preacher, (good character i must say though, i like it when they stire up emotions inside of you) he is just so nasty and wicked. (wicked of course in the bad way.) I found it strange that poor little old Jacky knows more about the bible than the preacher. Ha!! Some people i admit say that singing and dancing (especially back then) are bad (sometimes it is but not in this case) but the bible also says that you should do it. The preacher is just a cruel man, I'm proud of Jacky that she stood up for herself. And i am also happy that she got to have fun and stay over with her new friends. That was nice, and she got to confide in them her secrets of Jaimy. But the whole thing about the farm girl and boy in the bed is weird!! I can't stand that! Strange, and i doubt that most are being good. I really doubt that! Now i don't think Jacky is being fair to Amy, she did promise that nothing would change their friendship, but she has lied to her. Amy would never do that to Jacky. I hope things straiten up! I am liking Mr. P even more!! A really nice gent if i do say so myself. But will Jacky ever learn?? I mean does she want to get thrown back into jail again?? I don't like Gully at all, he isn't a bad man but i just don't like him much, theirs something about him that i don't like. He should leave Jacky alone! Maybe i don't like him because he is a selfish freeloader who just wants to use Jacky to buy alcohol. I feel that nothing good is going to come out of this friendship, and if she really goes into partnership with him Jacky is not at all as bright as i thought she was. I hope she thinks twice about it!!! Well my last point is about the preacher and things with him never seem to get old. What? he wants to adopt her? That's what he has been up to. Can he stoop any lower?? It makes me sick just thinking about what the preacher did to that poor girl. Its coming all together, it sends chills up my back and disturbs my stomach so much. A Holy man of god got a underage girl who he is not married to probably pregnant, probably beat her, and either drove her mad enough to kill herself or killed her himself! That is mental!! Wow it is a lot to think about and I'm sorry I'm going off again i just can't stop. Well maybe if he does want to adopt Jacky, she should earn enough money from working with Gully and leave America for Jaimy in England. (The town is nuts! maybe she should at least leave town.) Well i really can't wait to read tomorrows, i always say it and i always mean it!


Lain Said . . . . . . .. . .

Loved it once again!!! SO SO SO much happened... I don't even know where to start! I thought it so sad yet sweet of Jacky to let Jaimy free.... Though i don't think he will care, and if he does, he is not as much the gent as I thought he was!!! I thought it very in character of Clarissa to drop the meat into Jacky's shoe... SO HATE HER!I do think that Jacky will adjust well to servant life! In fact I think she will like it better than being a "lady". I really like Henry. He is so sweet. If Jacky did not have Jaimy, I think he would have made a good match, but since she does... I don't think anything will come of it! Wow... I also hate the preacher... I am very glad that Jaimy finally stood up to him... I think he needed that.. I think it is stupid when people show needless submission to someone who is about to hurt them. I really liked the sleep over seen... I thought it was funny that Jacky was fine with Timothy holding her hand and such... She is being a little bit of a flirt... hehehe... I really hope that Jacky is smart enough not to work with Gully... I don't think it is a good idea at all... Oh well... I hope the preacher does not win in the trial!!!! That would be horrible... especially after what he did to that girl... All in all a wonderful reading! Can't wait to read more!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chapters 9-11 (COTBT) (Thursday)

BOstan Said........

It was amazing to say the least. Wow that was such a fierce battle of words during the trail. I was wondering all along how she was going to get away. Even then Justice was weak. I'm so so glad she got a lawyer and he is such a nice young man. Mr. Pickering's a nice gent and surprisingly uncorrupted. I had to smile shamefully when the judge sent her free in chains but i was worried because she would be alone with the nasty man! But again Mr. Pickering saves the day!! (Plus Mistress is a joke around the town, i was shocked that the judge smiled. That must be big for him to do so!) I can't believe that mistress made her stop going to the school! But i suppose it is much better than sending her out in the cold. I really feel bad for Jacky!! That is so sad, i hope Amy will still be her friend, but i think she will. Yeah!!! A letter from Jaimy glad he is good, but i don't think it made Jacky feel all to much better. It did of course but not the part where he talks about her becoming a fine lady when she can't. Well I'm glad she has made friends with the other servant girls, and i can't wait to read tomorrow reading. Today's reading would have been longer but part 1 ended and it had to be fair.


Lain Said.............

Loved it once again, and was surprised greatly once again!! I love this book for the surprises... I must say that I really liked Mr. Pickering. I thought he was a good new character... I found the court case very interesting... I was sure that Mr. Pickering was going to win the case, but when they brought the shiv out... I knew all was lost... or so I thought... Then when she mentioned her Mistress, and it saved her... I laughed so hard.. Funny... I never thought that she could save her. I was beyond shock when I found out that Jacky was kicked out of the school, to be used as a maid!!! I was very sad about it... but I do think that Jacky will deal with it very well... I thought that the girls there were very open... Which was nice... I think she will find many friends among them... And she will have a lot more freedom.. All in all great chapters, and AMAZING turns of events... Can't wait to read more.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chapters 5-8 (COTBT) (Wed)

BOstan Said. . . . . .

These chapters were great fun!!! Exciting and fun! i should say. Well i was so shocked when Jacky and Clarissa started at each other. I was so worried that Clarissa was going to get away with it and Jacky would maybe be expelled. That would have been super bad! The fight was pretty brutal for a girl fight, but than again girls do fight dirty. I think all girls know that. While i was reading it i felt like one of my fights with my sister was being described. So real the feeling, almost ironic. The pulling of the hair (her part) me socking her in the stomach (mine). Well i was shocked to hear that Jacky lost, she still has to learn how to fight like a girl, but she is getting better. It was very serious but funny as it was being described. I am so glad that Mistress was more than fair, loving her even more. She's like a very strict mother, she cares for all of her students and doesn't take stature in life as an excuses for mistakes made. I was so happy when the servant girl gave her a bit to eat afterwards, and i am so happy to see Amy standing up for her friend. That was sooooo nice! I'm glad to hear that she got her letter to a sailor and hope that Jaimy will write back soon. And my last point for tonight, i can't believe she's in Jail!! I did not see that coming, wow. And that gross old stinky lame excuse of a man touching Jacky all over. Where does he get off doing that? That is just wrong!!! But i hope she makes it out of jail safely, it ended right on a cliff hanger. Can't wait for tomorrow!!


Lain Said. . . . . . . . . .

Amazing Amazing Amazing, AMAZING!!! LOVE IT!!! Oh... loved this reading... I am glad that Jacky is getting better at her equestrian skills. I was SO happy when Jacky stood up to Clarissa... I was extremely happy that it was because she mistreated a servant... I think it would have made me want to punch her to... I was very surprised at how well Clarissa fought... I did not expect that... I agreed with the Mistresses punishment... it was good, but not to much... Clarissa REALLY deserved it....

I was very glad that Jacky got Jaimy her letters.... WOW was I surprised when she was arrested... For dancing in the street... Weird... I felt very bad for her when she was in jail... Especially when the other "ladies" came in with her. I am really wondering how she is going to get out of there without being punished... don't think it is possible... Oh well... CAN NOT wait to read more!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapters 2-4 (COTBT) (Tue)

Bostan Said. . . . . .

Oh this was such a great reading!! Personally i loved it, i haven't read Lain's opinion yet so i can't wait to see what she thought of it. (I read yours, lain after i write mine so my opinion is totally unaffected. :)) Well i love the frankness of Jacky getting done her business, it is a serious laugh!!) Now i think what Clarissa did to Jacky was just mean, but it was entertaining and I'm glad Jacky got back in without getting in trouble, though i was for sure she was going to get in trouble. I do though understand why Mistress won't send Jacky's letter (because she knows that Jacky is young maybe naive and she doesn't have a actual engagement formulated, and she wants all her girls to have a good match in the future) but i still wish she would send it. That would be nice of her, but she doesn't see how serious Jacky and Jamie are in getting married. But how would she know that i suppose. I thought it was really cool that "Henry" was teaching Jacky the ways to horse ride. They go to music class!!!! how funny!!!! she sings a "oh how bad it is to be a woman" song. I like that song!! :) I loved chapter 3 when she washes Amy's hair, i just had to comment on that. That was one of my favorite parts yet. It must have been so dirty that even Jacky couldn't stand it. Ha! The town in Boston is very depressing when it comes to grave stones. (And i must comment on what was said, both parties of Americana's and British were bad in the Revolution. Both did bad things, not just one side.) And I'm worried now, the preacher is a strange and crocked man. But i am glad that mistress stood up for her at least once. I don't dislike her as much now, but she still is a bit mean. And my last two points from the last chapter (4) (These 3 chapters had just so much going on in it, so exciting) I loved the chapter when she goes into music class and Clarissa tries to embarrass her and Jacky sings a great song about a sailor and a mermaid!!! And Clarissa is battered about being a slaver, that's something bad America has done. (But that was funny, Jacky is learning to fight like a lady, can i say 'Cat Fight') And then Amy tells of her suspicions!! He is getting creepy!! I've got a few notions about him. Gives me chills! Well i loved today's reading and can't wait for tomorrows!!


Lain Said. . . . . . . . . . .

So SO SOOOOO GOOD!!! The more I read this book, the more I LOVE IT!!! (and I have only read 4 chapters so far!!! Crazy!!!) I am still not sure what to think of the Mistress... I can kind of understand her, but I was very upset when she would not let Jacky mail her letter to Jaimy.... Oh well, something tells me that she will find a way to get her letter to him. I was very happy to see that she liked horseback riding... I would not have liked it if she did not... Though I think the stable boy likes her... a little more than is proper... hehe... Another thing I like is that Jacky is very nice to the maids... I think it really shows her strength of character. I am very happy that Jacky got the better of Clarissa after Music class... I thought she did good... I am really starting to not like Clarissa... Well, LOVED it, and can't wait to read more!!! (Oh I have a bad feeling about the Preacher... hope nothing comes of it!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chapter 1 (Bloody Jack: Curse of the blue Tattoo) (Mon)

(First Reading)

BOstan Said. . . . . . . . . .

I really really enjoyed this reading and in my opinion i found it a great opening for the book. It is like another part to the first book because it continues right from where it left off in Bloody Jack. In this reading it was a laugh for a lot of the book, think it is just a really cool story so far. I love how Jacky is girly and likes dresses, but also she can be OK with boys clothes(she does loves that too). I always liked that about her, because i hate characters that either are fully against boys clothes or fully against girls clothes. Theirs nothing wrong with a girl being girly. The thing is, i wished the setting of the school had taken place in London or on the shore of England, but that is OK and i think i am growing into the idea of Boston. I loved her details of going to school there. I really do like how she is determined to try and succeed, though it will take sometime for Jacky to do so. I really like Amy, she is a really good new character and will be a great friend. (I love how she reads- to bad they don't have more interesting books) Mistress seems a bit scary, i would not want her to be my headmistress, but i do understand that she must be strict. She isn't the worst their is and can have, so that's good. Also i was really surprised (Sorry I'm saying really a lot but my spell check isn't working right now and i don't want to miss spell so much if i can) anyways - i was really surprised when Miss. Howe turned out to be horrible, i thought at first she would be nice, but i guess not.

Personally besides the mean mistress i wouldn't mind going to this school. Another thing i thought about was that i think we judge when a lady is bitter and mean more harshly than when a man is. I liked what Jacky said: "Mistress is as stern as any Bo'sun or officer, but did the First Mate come to you every night on the Dolphin with a glass of warm milk and kiss to tuck you in? No, he did not. So stop your complainin."

I liked that, i thought that suited. Well this chapter was very long, super long, but i also did very much enjoy it.


Lain Said. . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

(Just as a side note, this chapter was AMAZINGLY long... When I first saw that Bostan had only scheduled one chapter for today, I was very surprised, and wondered why... Then I saw that the first chapter was almost 50 pages.... so I was like... Oh... Anyway)

I really liked this as the introduction to the book.... I really also liked how it just picked up were we last left off in Bloody Jack . LOVED the transition. I am happy it is in Boston... I have absolutely no problem with it being there.. (unlike some people...) hehe... So , anyway... I have no problem with people, especially teachers who are strict... But I was very sad when they made Jacky cut out her earring. It made me sad... But it did show the headmistress' kindness when she gave the ring back to Jacky.... Which I thought was nice...

At first I was getting a little annoyed at the writer for making Jacky look SO dumb, and ignorant to the ways of being a lady... Then I remembered that all she had ever known was the streets of London, and the deck of a Navy ship... Not a lot to go on, in the ways of being a lady.... So it was actually very accurately written....

All in all, I am very happy with the start of this book, and I can't wait to read more!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bloody Jack: Curse of the blue Tattoo

Next Book: Bloody Jack: Curse of the blue tattoo.

Author: L.A Meyer

Pages: 488

YA Historical Fiction

Starting on: February Monday 22 2010

Chapters Day One: 1 (Chapter 1)

Chapters Day Two: 3 (Chapters 2-4)

Chapters Day Three: 4 (Chapters 5-8)

Chapters Day Four: 3 (Chapters 9-11)

Part 2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chapters Day Five: 5 (Chapters 12-16)

Chapters Day Six: 2 (Chapters 17-18)

Chapters Day Seven: 4 (Chapters 19-22)

Chapters Day Eight: 4 (Chapters 23-26)

Chapters Day Nine: 5 (Chapters 27-31)
Chapters Day Ten: 4 (Chapters 32-35)

Part 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chapters Day Eleven: 4 (Chapters 36-39)

Chapters Day Twelve: 4 (Chapters 40-43)

Part 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chapters Day Thirteen: 2 (Chapter 44-45)

Chapters Day Fourteen: 4 and Epilogue

(Chapter 46-"Part 5" Chapter 49 and Epilogue on Page 486-488

Should Take us two weeks to read the whole book if we don't break.

Thanks Bostan

Overall Rating For Emma by Jane Austen

Bostan's Rating and Thoughts:

My Rating for this book is: 6/6.

I loved this book and thought it was incredible. I am a huge fan of Jane Austen and thought she did a wonderful job in writing this book. It isn't just about the past but connects to modern times, she drew her characters from real people, irritating people, good people, bad people, and dull people. Personally i loved Emma, i have always loved her and think she is a great character. I didn't love all of her decisions because she is very flawed but i loved her and thought she was very independent and good. She isn't stubborn in a ignorant selfish way but she is humble and tries to make herself better. I really loved this book and recommend it highly.

Lain's Rating and Thoughts:

I really LOVED this book, and thought that Jane Austen did a wonderful job at making you feel as you were there. The dialog was AMAZING! and should be highly commended. I also think that she did a wonderful job (as always) at making all the characters believable, yet she still surprised you! I myself was not a HUGE fan of Emma, but I liked that I was not... It was not that I did not like her, I just thought that sometimes she needed to mind her own business, but in the end you grew to love her... I loved the plot also, because I found myself constantly surprised at the end. Through the whole book you basically knew what was happening... But then at the end, it all turned out SO differently than you ever thought that it was going to end! I was very satisfied with this book, and am VERY happy that I read it!


Last Chapters 54-55 (Emma) (Wed)

Bostan Said. . . . . .
I loved it!!!! It was perfect and a great great ending. One of Jane Austen's best ending i must say. Well I am also very happy that Harriet decided on her own to get married and Robert M. is the perfect gent for her. I also was very happy when Emma See's Frank again and that made the story even better. How he dotes on her, he really loves Jane. And i love also how alike Emma and Frank are and how much alike Jane and Mr. K are. It is so meant to be. Well I thought the last chapter was great, with Miss. smith getting married and Emma getting to go see the shore. Wonderful! I didn't know that her getting to go see the ocean and the bird thief were actually in the book. That is so cool, and great and funny!

Lain Said . . . . . . . . .

In my opinion, the last two chapters of the book proved to be a perfect ending. Jane Austen really did a wonderful job at this. I was so happy to hear that Miss Smith was finally going to marry Mr. Martin! I was always for that match... And I was very happy that Mr. Churchill and Emma got to meet again, so as to set things strait between them. What I thought was SO funny, is why Mr. Woodhouse let Emma marry. It was because of some poultry thief!!!! I thought this VERY funny, and a great end to the book. I am also glad that Emma finally was going to be able to see the sea shore... All in all a great ending to a great book! LOVED IT!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chapter 51-53 (Emma) (Tue) 100th POST!!!!!!!

Bostan Said. . . . . . . . . .
Again i very much enjoyed these chapters, also continuing to a conclusion. As i always am on ending a good book i feel both happy and sad, i will miss the joys of reading a book for the first time. Well the whole of Mr. Knightley coming to talk to Emma was great! I loved their conversation and even though K. doesn't accept Frank as much as Emma had hoped he does come to understand him more and forgive him more too which was all the letter was mainly suppose to do and provide. I also enjoyed very much chapter 52 when Emma very happily visits the more vivacious Jane F. I thought it was very interesting and i am glad of it. And the last chapter for today's reading was also very good, i am glad Mrs. Weston had a baby girl. I had never heard before in either movie what gender it was so it was a surprise to me. And it is always funny to hear Mr and Mrs Elton talk together. Love it! Love it all!! Can't wait to read and see what happen tomorrow with the last read for the book.

Lain Said . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(before I even begin my review I just wanted to say how great it was that this is our 100th post!!! It is amazing that we have come this far!!! I can't wait till we hit our 200th!!!)
Anyway.... i also really LOVED this reading, and I have to say that I agreed with Mr. Knightly for the most part, when it comes to Mr. Churchill... Though I think I am a little more forgiving in my feelings tword him... I don't know... I also enjoyed the chapter on Emma's visit to Jane... I always loved Jane, and am very happy to see her so happy!!! I thought it infanitly funny, how Mrs. E (as she would call herself) thought that she was the only one let in on this "secret"... She was trying her utmost to hold it all over Emma's head, and all she ended up doing, was making herself look quite foolish... Loved it!!! for I always have had a great distaste for her... Well I loved these chapters, and can't wait to finish the book!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chapter 48-50 (Emma) (Mon)

BOstan Said.....

I loved this reading it was simply marvy! Every thing was reveled and brought out openly and wonderfully. I loved it very much. I loved the chapter when Mr. Knightley comes to visit after coming directly from London and the whole of what he tells her. Sooooo great!!! one of my favorites i must say. (That would be chapter 49) And i also really loved chapter 50 it was mostly a letter but it was completely necessary. It brought the whole of Mr. Churchill's side of the story to the table and i always love him even though he is not always making the right decisions. And as a romantic Lain should agree and understand him. Liking him even though she had not always. :)

Well i can't wait to read the next reading, we have still i think two more days!

Thanks BOstan~

Lain Said......

I also LOVED this reading!!!! I loved how everything was finally made perfectly clear.... Though I do still hold some resentment against Frank.... I do hold him in higher regard... The only reason for my forgiving him some, is because Emma was a flirt with him, almost as much as he was with her... I don't know... i just respect him a lot more... Though I do think that Miss Fairfax is doing very well in marring him... I always loved her as a character, so I am glad she ended up with him... and I think she deserved it... I really liked today's reading... and I can't wait to read the rest!!!11