Friday, February 26, 2010

Chapters 12-16 (COTBT) (Friday)

BOstan Said . . . . .

Again i am very happy and amazed by the skill in these amazing 5 chapters!! Very well done i must say!! I should be sick of all this goodness but i ain't! I'm ready for more. Well where do i start, how about at the beginning of chapter 12. Awwwe, she is releasing Jaimy from their engagement if he doesn't want her anymore. But i am glad she is telling him the truth, lies are no good. God!!! I hate that preacher, (good character i must say though, i like it when they stire up emotions inside of you) he is just so nasty and wicked. (wicked of course in the bad way.) I found it strange that poor little old Jacky knows more about the bible than the preacher. Ha!! Some people i admit say that singing and dancing (especially back then) are bad (sometimes it is but not in this case) but the bible also says that you should do it. The preacher is just a cruel man, I'm proud of Jacky that she stood up for herself. And i am also happy that she got to have fun and stay over with her new friends. That was nice, and she got to confide in them her secrets of Jaimy. But the whole thing about the farm girl and boy in the bed is weird!! I can't stand that! Strange, and i doubt that most are being good. I really doubt that! Now i don't think Jacky is being fair to Amy, she did promise that nothing would change their friendship, but she has lied to her. Amy would never do that to Jacky. I hope things straiten up! I am liking Mr. P even more!! A really nice gent if i do say so myself. But will Jacky ever learn?? I mean does she want to get thrown back into jail again?? I don't like Gully at all, he isn't a bad man but i just don't like him much, theirs something about him that i don't like. He should leave Jacky alone! Maybe i don't like him because he is a selfish freeloader who just wants to use Jacky to buy alcohol. I feel that nothing good is going to come out of this friendship, and if she really goes into partnership with him Jacky is not at all as bright as i thought she was. I hope she thinks twice about it!!! Well my last point is about the preacher and things with him never seem to get old. What? he wants to adopt her? That's what he has been up to. Can he stoop any lower?? It makes me sick just thinking about what the preacher did to that poor girl. Its coming all together, it sends chills up my back and disturbs my stomach so much. A Holy man of god got a underage girl who he is not married to probably pregnant, probably beat her, and either drove her mad enough to kill herself or killed her himself! That is mental!! Wow it is a lot to think about and I'm sorry I'm going off again i just can't stop. Well maybe if he does want to adopt Jacky, she should earn enough money from working with Gully and leave America for Jaimy in England. (The town is nuts! maybe she should at least leave town.) Well i really can't wait to read tomorrows, i always say it and i always mean it!


Lain Said . . . . . . .. . .

Loved it once again!!! SO SO SO much happened... I don't even know where to start! I thought it so sad yet sweet of Jacky to let Jaimy free.... Though i don't think he will care, and if he does, he is not as much the gent as I thought he was!!! I thought it very in character of Clarissa to drop the meat into Jacky's shoe... SO HATE HER!I do think that Jacky will adjust well to servant life! In fact I think she will like it better than being a "lady". I really like Henry. He is so sweet. If Jacky did not have Jaimy, I think he would have made a good match, but since she does... I don't think anything will come of it! Wow... I also hate the preacher... I am very glad that Jaimy finally stood up to him... I think he needed that.. I think it is stupid when people show needless submission to someone who is about to hurt them. I really liked the sleep over seen... I thought it was funny that Jacky was fine with Timothy holding her hand and such... She is being a little bit of a flirt... hehehe... I really hope that Jacky is smart enough not to work with Gully... I don't think it is a good idea at all... Oh well... I hope the preacher does not win in the trial!!!! That would be horrible... especially after what he did to that girl... All in all a wonderful reading! Can't wait to read more!

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