Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chapters 5-8 (COTBT) (Wed)

BOstan Said. . . . . .

These chapters were great fun!!! Exciting and fun! i should say. Well i was so shocked when Jacky and Clarissa started at each other. I was so worried that Clarissa was going to get away with it and Jacky would maybe be expelled. That would have been super bad! The fight was pretty brutal for a girl fight, but than again girls do fight dirty. I think all girls know that. While i was reading it i felt like one of my fights with my sister was being described. So real the feeling, almost ironic. The pulling of the hair (her part) me socking her in the stomach (mine). Well i was shocked to hear that Jacky lost, she still has to learn how to fight like a girl, but she is getting better. It was very serious but funny as it was being described. I am so glad that Mistress was more than fair, loving her even more. She's like a very strict mother, she cares for all of her students and doesn't take stature in life as an excuses for mistakes made. I was so happy when the servant girl gave her a bit to eat afterwards, and i am so happy to see Amy standing up for her friend. That was sooooo nice! I'm glad to hear that she got her letter to a sailor and hope that Jaimy will write back soon. And my last point for tonight, i can't believe she's in Jail!! I did not see that coming, wow. And that gross old stinky lame excuse of a man touching Jacky all over. Where does he get off doing that? That is just wrong!!! But i hope she makes it out of jail safely, it ended right on a cliff hanger. Can't wait for tomorrow!!


Lain Said. . . . . . . . . .

Amazing Amazing Amazing, AMAZING!!! LOVE IT!!! Oh... loved this reading... I am glad that Jacky is getting better at her equestrian skills. I was SO happy when Jacky stood up to Clarissa... I was extremely happy that it was because she mistreated a servant... I think it would have made me want to punch her to... I was very surprised at how well Clarissa fought... I did not expect that... I agreed with the Mistresses punishment... it was good, but not to much... Clarissa REALLY deserved it....

I was very glad that Jacky got Jaimy her letters.... WOW was I surprised when she was arrested... For dancing in the street... Weird... I felt very bad for her when she was in jail... Especially when the other "ladies" came in with her. I am really wondering how she is going to get out of there without being punished... don't think it is possible... Oh well... CAN NOT wait to read more!!!!

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