Monday, February 22, 2010

Chapter 1 (Bloody Jack: Curse of the blue Tattoo) (Mon)

(First Reading)

BOstan Said. . . . . . . . . .

I really really enjoyed this reading and in my opinion i found it a great opening for the book. It is like another part to the first book because it continues right from where it left off in Bloody Jack. In this reading it was a laugh for a lot of the book, think it is just a really cool story so far. I love how Jacky is girly and likes dresses, but also she can be OK with boys clothes(she does loves that too). I always liked that about her, because i hate characters that either are fully against boys clothes or fully against girls clothes. Theirs nothing wrong with a girl being girly. The thing is, i wished the setting of the school had taken place in London or on the shore of England, but that is OK and i think i am growing into the idea of Boston. I loved her details of going to school there. I really do like how she is determined to try and succeed, though it will take sometime for Jacky to do so. I really like Amy, she is a really good new character and will be a great friend. (I love how she reads- to bad they don't have more interesting books) Mistress seems a bit scary, i would not want her to be my headmistress, but i do understand that she must be strict. She isn't the worst their is and can have, so that's good. Also i was really surprised (Sorry I'm saying really a lot but my spell check isn't working right now and i don't want to miss spell so much if i can) anyways - i was really surprised when Miss. Howe turned out to be horrible, i thought at first she would be nice, but i guess not.

Personally besides the mean mistress i wouldn't mind going to this school. Another thing i thought about was that i think we judge when a lady is bitter and mean more harshly than when a man is. I liked what Jacky said: "Mistress is as stern as any Bo'sun or officer, but did the First Mate come to you every night on the Dolphin with a glass of warm milk and kiss to tuck you in? No, he did not. So stop your complainin."

I liked that, i thought that suited. Well this chapter was very long, super long, but i also did very much enjoy it.


Lain Said. . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

(Just as a side note, this chapter was AMAZINGLY long... When I first saw that Bostan had only scheduled one chapter for today, I was very surprised, and wondered why... Then I saw that the first chapter was almost 50 pages.... so I was like... Oh... Anyway)

I really liked this as the introduction to the book.... I really also liked how it just picked up were we last left off in Bloody Jack . LOVED the transition. I am happy it is in Boston... I have absolutely no problem with it being there.. (unlike some people...) hehe... So , anyway... I have no problem with people, especially teachers who are strict... But I was very sad when they made Jacky cut out her earring. It made me sad... But it did show the headmistress' kindness when she gave the ring back to Jacky.... Which I thought was nice...

At first I was getting a little annoyed at the writer for making Jacky look SO dumb, and ignorant to the ways of being a lady... Then I remembered that all she had ever known was the streets of London, and the deck of a Navy ship... Not a lot to go on, in the ways of being a lady.... So it was actually very accurately written....

All in all, I am very happy with the start of this book, and I can't wait to read more!!!!


  1. ITs not that i don't like Boston, i just like Englad more. My personal opinion, i think i would love boston but i don't know much about it and all. Though i don't have a problem with reading about a dumb character in the face of being a fine lady, its a nice difference.

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