Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last Chapters 54-55 (Emma) (Wed)

Bostan Said. . . . . .
I loved it!!!! It was perfect and a great great ending. One of Jane Austen's best ending i must say. Well I am also very happy that Harriet decided on her own to get married and Robert M. is the perfect gent for her. I also was very happy when Emma See's Frank again and that made the story even better. How he dotes on her, he really loves Jane. And i love also how alike Emma and Frank are and how much alike Jane and Mr. K are. It is so meant to be. Well I thought the last chapter was great, with Miss. smith getting married and Emma getting to go see the shore. Wonderful! I didn't know that her getting to go see the ocean and the bird thief were actually in the book. That is so cool, and great and funny!

Lain Said . . . . . . . . .

In my opinion, the last two chapters of the book proved to be a perfect ending. Jane Austen really did a wonderful job at this. I was so happy to hear that Miss Smith was finally going to marry Mr. Martin! I was always for that match... And I was very happy that Mr. Churchill and Emma got to meet again, so as to set things strait between them. What I thought was SO funny, is why Mr. Woodhouse let Emma marry. It was because of some poultry thief!!!! I thought this VERY funny, and a great end to the book. I am also glad that Emma finally was going to be able to see the sea shore... All in all a great ending to a great book! LOVED IT!

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