Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Overall Rating For Emma by Jane Austen

Bostan's Rating and Thoughts:

My Rating for this book is: 6/6.

I loved this book and thought it was incredible. I am a huge fan of Jane Austen and thought she did a wonderful job in writing this book. It isn't just about the past but connects to modern times, she drew her characters from real people, irritating people, good people, bad people, and dull people. Personally i loved Emma, i have always loved her and think she is a great character. I didn't love all of her decisions because she is very flawed but i loved her and thought she was very independent and good. She isn't stubborn in a ignorant selfish way but she is humble and tries to make herself better. I really loved this book and recommend it highly.

Lain's Rating and Thoughts:

I really LOVED this book, and thought that Jane Austen did a wonderful job at making you feel as you were there. The dialog was AMAZING! and should be highly commended. I also think that she did a wonderful job (as always) at making all the characters believable, yet she still surprised you! I myself was not a HUGE fan of Emma, but I liked that I was not... It was not that I did not like her, I just thought that sometimes she needed to mind her own business, but in the end you grew to love her... I loved the plot also, because I found myself constantly surprised at the end. Through the whole book you basically knew what was happening... But then at the end, it all turned out SO differently than you ever thought that it was going to end! I was very satisfied with this book, and am VERY happy that I read it!


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