Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chapters 17-18 (COTBT) (Sat)

Bostan Said . . . . . .

Goody!!! I'm first to write, but i don't think i will be to far ahead of Lain. She might be along in a few minuets or something. - Well again and again i say that i love the chapters and today is not an exception, i really found these chapters amazing. It was only two chapters but their was so much to fill them, so much new excitement. (I have a note book that i write what happened in each individual chapter and what i thought of them, just so i don't forget what happened in the book and i can write about it later. It helps.) Well i can't believe she goes out and plays with Gully!! But i suppose it wasn't so bad, i mean she made money and got to keep her share. I 'm so glad she didn't let him bully her and she made her point on keeping things fair with their partnership. (Though all Gully will do is buy more drinks with all of his money, get drunk and end up in jail again. Being a drunk does not suit the man, he gets mean.) Well i do still not like Gully, but he's not so so bad, its just i think all he's going to do is cause more trouble along the way. (And Jacky doesn't need any more trouble.) The men in the bar like her and her singing and all but it really is no place to be for a young girl. No place at all! Its dangerous for girls, i don't want to be all girls can't do it but the truth is that it is more dangerous for girls than boys and we can't change it no matter how hard we try. Even if it isn't fair. I love how Jacky likens the school to a ship, her ship. And it works because she had good things that happened in the school as in the ship and bad things too, she also has to find her place and cope. As i remember she didn't always love being on the ship, nothings always perfect. I'm glad though she's getting on better terms and trying to fix things with Amy. Its a good idea to call her Miss at school and Amy and Sister outside, she might get in trouble if someone catches her calling Amy, Amy. They find out some interesting things from Ephraim Fyffe! Interesting indeed. And i do agree with Jacky that they should be allowed to do things that they want, i mean they are in America! (even though it didn't always feel like the land of the free then. Still so many rules, hehehehe.) And Again!! When will she ever learn? She can't keep singing in the streets as she knows Wiggin's to be on her about it. But that was a fun adventure - all the running and visiting Mamseelle. One last outburst for me today!! She's going to stay with Amy!!!! Ha, i knew it would work out. Can't wait as usual for our next reading. BOstan~

Lain Said. . . . . . . . . ..

I have a horrible feeling about her working with Gully... It just does not sit right with me... I don't know... He seems to be doing well so far, but I am not putting my trust in him... I don't think I ever fully will. I think it is a bad idea to be involved with him... It will only bring trouble... Every time she goes anywhere I always cringe... i always think something is going to happen... Can't stand it!!! But yet I love it, because it keeps me on my toes. I am glad that Amy went with her to the town... WOW they had an adventure! I really like Ephraim... I think he is a good man... It will be very interesting how everything works out! I am also very glad that Jacky is going to go for the weekend with Amy, I think it will be for the best!!!! Can't wait to read more!


  1. Glad you read the chapter!!! Nice to hear what you think of it.

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