Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chapters 9-11 (COTBT) (Thursday)

BOstan Said........

It was amazing to say the least. Wow that was such a fierce battle of words during the trail. I was wondering all along how she was going to get away. Even then Justice was weak. I'm so so glad she got a lawyer and he is such a nice young man. Mr. Pickering's a nice gent and surprisingly uncorrupted. I had to smile shamefully when the judge sent her free in chains but i was worried because she would be alone with the nasty man! But again Mr. Pickering saves the day!! (Plus Mistress is a joke around the town, i was shocked that the judge smiled. That must be big for him to do so!) I can't believe that mistress made her stop going to the school! But i suppose it is much better than sending her out in the cold. I really feel bad for Jacky!! That is so sad, i hope Amy will still be her friend, but i think she will. Yeah!!! A letter from Jaimy glad he is good, but i don't think it made Jacky feel all to much better. It did of course but not the part where he talks about her becoming a fine lady when she can't. Well I'm glad she has made friends with the other servant girls, and i can't wait to read tomorrow reading. Today's reading would have been longer but part 1 ended and it had to be fair.


Lain Said.............

Loved it once again, and was surprised greatly once again!! I love this book for the surprises... I must say that I really liked Mr. Pickering. I thought he was a good new character... I found the court case very interesting... I was sure that Mr. Pickering was going to win the case, but when they brought the shiv out... I knew all was lost... or so I thought... Then when she mentioned her Mistress, and it saved her... I laughed so hard.. Funny... I never thought that she could save her. I was beyond shock when I found out that Jacky was kicked out of the school, to be used as a maid!!! I was very sad about it... but I do think that Jacky will deal with it very well... I thought that the girls there were very open... Which was nice... I think she will find many friends among them... And she will have a lot more freedom.. All in all great chapters, and AMAZING turns of events... Can't wait to read more.


  1. Reading your opinion i think it is funny because we have the same general opinion this time!!!

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