Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chapter 51-53 (Emma) (Tue) 100th POST!!!!!!!

Bostan Said. . . . . . . . . .
Again i very much enjoyed these chapters, also continuing to a conclusion. As i always am on ending a good book i feel both happy and sad, i will miss the joys of reading a book for the first time. Well the whole of Mr. Knightley coming to talk to Emma was great! I loved their conversation and even though K. doesn't accept Frank as much as Emma had hoped he does come to understand him more and forgive him more too which was all the letter was mainly suppose to do and provide. I also enjoyed very much chapter 52 when Emma very happily visits the more vivacious Jane F. I thought it was very interesting and i am glad of it. And the last chapter for today's reading was also very good, i am glad Mrs. Weston had a baby girl. I had never heard before in either movie what gender it was so it was a surprise to me. And it is always funny to hear Mr and Mrs Elton talk together. Love it! Love it all!! Can't wait to read and see what happen tomorrow with the last read for the book.

Lain Said . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(before I even begin my review I just wanted to say how great it was that this is our 100th post!!! It is amazing that we have come this far!!! I can't wait till we hit our 200th!!!)
Anyway.... i also really LOVED this reading, and I have to say that I agreed with Mr. Knightly for the most part, when it comes to Mr. Churchill... Though I think I am a little more forgiving in my feelings tword him... I don't know... I also enjoyed the chapter on Emma's visit to Jane... I always loved Jane, and am very happy to see her so happy!!! I thought it infanitly funny, how Mrs. E (as she would call herself) thought that she was the only one let in on this "secret"... She was trying her utmost to hold it all over Emma's head, and all she ended up doing, was making herself look quite foolish... Loved it!!! for I always have had a great distaste for her... Well I loved these chapters, and can't wait to finish the book!!!!

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