Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapters 2-4 (COTBT) (Tue)

Bostan Said. . . . . .

Oh this was such a great reading!! Personally i loved it, i haven't read Lain's opinion yet so i can't wait to see what she thought of it. (I read yours, lain after i write mine so my opinion is totally unaffected. :)) Well i love the frankness of Jacky getting done her business, it is a serious laugh!!) Now i think what Clarissa did to Jacky was just mean, but it was entertaining and I'm glad Jacky got back in without getting in trouble, though i was for sure she was going to get in trouble. I do though understand why Mistress won't send Jacky's letter (because she knows that Jacky is young maybe naive and she doesn't have a actual engagement formulated, and she wants all her girls to have a good match in the future) but i still wish she would send it. That would be nice of her, but she doesn't see how serious Jacky and Jamie are in getting married. But how would she know that i suppose. I thought it was really cool that "Henry" was teaching Jacky the ways to horse ride. They go to music class!!!! how funny!!!! she sings a "oh how bad it is to be a woman" song. I like that song!! :) I loved chapter 3 when she washes Amy's hair, i just had to comment on that. That was one of my favorite parts yet. It must have been so dirty that even Jacky couldn't stand it. Ha! The town in Boston is very depressing when it comes to grave stones. (And i must comment on what was said, both parties of Americana's and British were bad in the Revolution. Both did bad things, not just one side.) And I'm worried now, the preacher is a strange and crocked man. But i am glad that mistress stood up for her at least once. I don't dislike her as much now, but she still is a bit mean. And my last two points from the last chapter (4) (These 3 chapters had just so much going on in it, so exciting) I loved the chapter when she goes into music class and Clarissa tries to embarrass her and Jacky sings a great song about a sailor and a mermaid!!! And Clarissa is battered about being a slaver, that's something bad America has done. (But that was funny, Jacky is learning to fight like a lady, can i say 'Cat Fight') And then Amy tells of her suspicions!! He is getting creepy!! I've got a few notions about him. Gives me chills! Well i loved today's reading and can't wait for tomorrows!!


Lain Said. . . . . . . . . . .

So SO SOOOOO GOOD!!! The more I read this book, the more I LOVE IT!!! (and I have only read 4 chapters so far!!! Crazy!!!) I am still not sure what to think of the Mistress... I can kind of understand her, but I was very upset when she would not let Jacky mail her letter to Jaimy.... Oh well, something tells me that she will find a way to get her letter to him. I was very happy to see that she liked horseback riding... I would not have liked it if she did not... Though I think the stable boy likes her... a little more than is proper... hehe... Another thing I like is that Jacky is very nice to the maids... I think it really shows her strength of character. I am very happy that Jacky got the better of Clarissa after Music class... I thought she did good... I am really starting to not like Clarissa... Well, LOVED it, and can't wait to read more!!! (Oh I have a bad feeling about the Preacher... hope nothing comes of it!)


  1. Not liking horses isn't that big of a deal. I wouldn't blame her, i beat plenty horses tryed to kill her on the streets before.

  2. umm... I can understand if she did not like them at first, but once you actualy meet and spend time with a horse, any one that does not like them... I don't really understand.... Oh and no... you can not say 'cat fight'... hehehe

  3. I think if i was Jacky i would be so afraid of horses. The prolly have tryed to kill me tones of times before!! And i was so right, they did have a catfight!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! How funny is that!!!!Ha!

  4. Plus, you can't always love all animals, different people like different things and thats just the way the world goes. We might not understand it but we can try to.
    (I love how we go on about this!!! See a book discusion goes on even after we write our opinions!)

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