Sunday, May 17, 2009

Over all Rating For (Bloody Jack)

Bostan's Rating...
I usually don't give every book a 5/5, but i really liked it and i actually loved the main character Jacky and did not grow board of her so i give this book a 5/5. It was to me SO good but it was also i think better than a 4.

Lain's Rating........
I NEVER give books a 5/5, but have to admit that this one deserved it. I think it was amazing, and is one of the few books that has made it to my all time favorites.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chapters 41-46 and ending (BJ)

Bostan Said...........................
Wow! i really liked this book. It was much better than i expected! I loved the characters (The good ones anyways) and the captain wasn't so bad after all. In life i can tell that boys get away with more things and more times people are more rough in how they treat them. And girls don't do as much or get away with as much but that is because more people try to be cautious of you and worry more about you. The girl has to be watched over and save...... The boy... Awe, let him get into trouble. It can be good and bad at the same time. And i really saw the real life contradiction in this book, because when Jacky was a boy she was treated more roughly and stuff but once they knew she was a girl every thing changed. It can be nice, sometimes.

But i really liked this book for its conversation and how it was worded and i liked how much action was in it but not making it look over worked or fake. I really would suggest it to any one that likes the sea and ship adventures. Especially if you like a laugh.

Lain Said.................................

Oh my goodness! I REALLY LOVED this book!!!!! I really did not expect it to be as good as it was. I think it has found its way into on of my favorites. It was very realistic when it came to life back then. It gave you a personally look into the way boys and girls were treated. I really would recommend this book to almost anyone. Especially if you like historical fiction. At first I was quite disappointed at the ending, but I realized it was needed for a sequel, so I did not mind it any more. I can't wait to read the sequel! I almost want to read it now, but know I must wait, which is fine. All in all I LOVED this book. It is a definite MUST READ!

Chapters 36-40 (B.J)

BOstan Said....
I was SO worried when she got to go up on the kite. Every gust of wind really made me worried but i didn't expect her to go a sail'in. I now she will survive but i don't know how, i can't wait to find out! I am glad she is safe though and i like from the sound of it her kip and the water fall. I totally forgot that back then not many people knew how to swim. I just expected them to because they were on a ship. But i am glad she is learning how. And i thought the part where she is flyin over the water was funny, she was preparing herself to die, but when she found that she might not need to she named the kite the "hope" and sailed her way to the land. And my second favorite part was when she got really excited for the clam shell, that was funny. I would never have thought to use it for that. Maybe a bowl but that idea was smart. I really liked these chapters!

And i hope when and if she gets rescued by her mates i hope Davy won't have told every one that Jack was a girl.

Lain Said....

I really enjoyed these chapters, but they made me worry. I thought it was hilarious when Davy found them. I thought that Jamie would have a completely different reaction to what he did. When Jacky went up in the kite I admit I was not all that worried. Then when the tree got pulled out of the ground I was shocked. I thought if anything went wrong, the rope would brake, defiantly not the tree being pulled out of the ground. I new she had to get out of the predicament, because there is a sequel, but I had no idea how she was going to do it. I was very relieved that she found a good landing place and that she was able to land. She seemed to handle the whole castaway thing pretty well. I am also glad that she was able to contact the others on the other island. I can't wait to read the next chapters.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chapters 31-35 (B.J) (Thursday)

Bostan Said............

I really liked these chapters yet again!

I love how she is being a good girl. (Heheheheh)

My favorite part was when they go to Kingston Jamaica. And the whole Jamiey and "the island girl" that was cute and funny. It was a small part but i laughed about the donkey in the bushes. Then the fight with the Pirate! I was worried that another friend was going to die but i am glad that, that never happened. And the leg on deck was pretty weird, poor Master, he has to wobble the rest of his life. It was weird but it must have happened when two ships fight. Things go flying and stuff and if you get in the way, well.....
And i can't wait to read the next chapters, i want to see what happens next!

Lain Said.............

I really liked these chapters also.  I loved how much Jamie was in love with Jacky. I think it is so sweet. I also thought it was hilarious with the island girl. Those boys are such dogs. (hehehehehehheheheehehehe) I was so scared in the pirate fight. I knew Jacky was not going to die, but I was so worried about Jamie. When I found out that no one else died, I was so relieved. I am happy with the way that these chapters have played out. I can't wait to read the rest!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapters 26-30 (BJ)

Bostan Said.....................
I was very happy/worried when Sloat fell over board. I am glad something happened to him after the "Talk" But i was seriously worried what was gonna happen to Liam. I sort of knew she wouldn't die but the thought of her getting in trouble or her sea dad dieing was sad. I like him (her sea dad) he is really nice, i hope if he finds out that Jack is a girl he won't be to mad or stuff, but i don't know he might already know something. That chapter when he was quiet and looked at her says something or nothing. I think these chapters have been filled in the most with action. I really like this book so far! I am also happy that Jamiey wants to marry her, that is so sweet. And i wonder how the boys are gonna take that she is a girl, if they do find out. I hope it is as funny as when Jamiey found out.

Lain Said..........................
I was feeling so bad for Jacky. She was so alone. But that was much better than having a "talk" below decks with Stoat. He was horrid, and I am happy that he is now gone. I was also worried about Jacky when she might have been hung, but was so happy when she was not. I did not see that coming with her and Jaimy. I new she liked him, but I always thought he would find out in the end, and then it would be to late, or something of the sort. I am glad they are so happy with each other, and I think it is sweet that he told her that he wants to marry her. I think these chapters seem to be going faster and faster, and I NEVER want to put the book down. I can't wait to read the next chapters. =)

Chapters 21-25 (BJ)

Bostan Said...........................

I don't like Bliffil and Sloat really creeps me out. (But i am glad that it does in a way. It keeps the reader in suspension) I was worried for Jacky at the fight and after i thought the Doctor was gonna find her out. Good thing he didn't. I have a feeling why Jaimy is shunning her and i think the boys are because He/she seems to becoming different.
(It is weired how boys treat their mates)
But i am glad that she is making a dress, and can't wait to see what happens next.

Lain Said................................
I liked these chapters, but some of it was kind of sad. I felt bad for Jacky when she got beat up by Bliffil. I REALLY don't like him, along with Stoat. I felt bad enough for Jacky when she was missus ed by Stoat, but then being shunned by the boys, that is horrible. I feel SO bad for her. She really cared about them, especially Jaimy. Well I am hoping that something happens to redeem her. Can't wait to read more!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapters 16-20 (BJ)

Bostan Said..............................
I really really like this book, i like a lot of books but the ones that i don't want to put down i really like and love. I like how Jacky went to the woman on the island, a few jabs and she knew Jacky was a girl. I was really sad when Benji died that was so sad, but i am glad they took the time to mourn, that's nice. I have seen Tattoo's being made and that looks Painful! but i can't even imagine getting one back then. That would have been very hard and painful. I think we all knew that she was gonna get a tattoo, because of the second book, Curse of the Blue Tattoo.
I have tons of more good points in this story but i might run out of pages. I really like this book.
Can't wait to read on....

Lain Said..................................

These chapters made me laugh. I am glad she finally knows that she is not "dieing". I think that it is funny that they all got the same tattoo. I also laughed when one of them passed out, when getting his. I am glad that the pirate did not get Jaimy. I would feel the same way Jack feels about her new nick name Bloody Jack. I would hate it, even though it is supposedly "honorable". I think it is HORRIBLE that that is the reason why they keep the ship's boys with them in the smaller boats! All in all I am beginning to LOVE this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chapters 10-15 (BJ)

Bostan Said............................
I really liked how she tried to find out what was happening to her in class. Even though it didn't work. I agree i would freak out, and defiantly think that i was die'in. (That guy is getting more and more freaky) It is cute that she is in love with James, i have to admit i like him the best out of the boys. He is silent at times but would stick up for someone and he would stick up for his boys.
I thought the chapter when she stuffed her pants was SO FUNNY. She is well rigged! I am glad that she can sew, it means that she is more lady like than she thinks. And i can't wait to go on.

Lain Said................................

I really liked these chapters and thought them very funny. I new this problem was coming, but I also thought it funny that Jacky had no idea what was coming, and also no idea what it is. It made me laugh, but I guess if I had not been told, I would have thought the same thing. I also think it is funny that she asked the "question" in the class. I wonder if the other boys find out, what they will think. All in all it was great, and am happy that she has found something she enjoys, which is to sew.


Chapters 6-10 (BJ)

Bostan Said.....................................
I liked the main story now as we are getting more into it. I loved how it explained the poop deck. Since i have done research on ships and pirates i knew they had one but i never knew how it really worked. It is a strange procedure. I like Jacky because she is strong but also a girl and can be girly too. I like her like that. The boys don't sound so bad either. I want to learn more about them.
Oh and there are some creepy people too, some mystery.

Lain Said.......................................

I really enjoyed these chapters about her first few days on ship. I always wanted to go on an old ship, just to she everything being done. She was in some close scrapes, and almost got caught, but she is okay for now because she is small, and not, ummmmm...... developed into a women yet. I just worry what will happen if she stays on the ship for any amount of time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Introduction and Chapters1-5 (BJ)

Bostan Said........................................
I found these chapters real in how some people can be cold. Today people can be the same, even towards children. I liked Mary AKA Jacky the moment i begun the first chapter. And i did know that Charlie was gonna die but i didn't think i would like him as much as i did. Even though i knew he was gone i still wanted him to live and wanted hope that he did. I am glad that she left though, and it is soo very true how people view girls and boys. Even today.

Lain Said..........................................

I really liked this into, and the first five chapters. I think they went by fast. I really hate Muck! I was really beginning to like Charlie, A LOT, but I guess some good things have to end. I really like the charitor Mary, soon to be Jack. She is independent, and quite smart. All in all I really liked it, and I can't wait to read the next chapters!

Bloody Jack, By L.A Meyer

Title: Bloody Jack (Book 1)

Author: L.A Meyer

Starting Date: Friday May 08, 2009

Chapters: There are 46 1/2 chapters; so doing 5 chapters a day for 9 or so days and last day doing 1 chapter and 1/2
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Robin Hood News.

We will be continuing Robin Hood, by Edith Heal after we finish Bloody Jack, by L.A Meyer.
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Chapters 7-9 (R.H) Pages: 50-84

BOstan Said............

Very good reading, i say! It was more action pron during these three chapters and it was nice to see it (Read it i mean). Robin and his band loosing Will and trying to get him back. Good old Robin Hood! And the more "in" conversation with Robin and Little John about the sheriff and Guy. Guy seems different in this version and i don't think it is that bad, its nice to read a different version. I like how they made these chapters spaced in time from the prier ones and so Maid Marian is a bit older which is nice. And i can't wait to read more about her and see how she is. Oh and i liked the surprise in Chapter 9, Robin meeting his match. I like the chapters so far. They are witty and smart!

Lain Said.............

I really enjoyed today's reading. I really enjoyed the balance of conversation and fighting. It really was displayed right before you eyes, (if you have a good imagination, that is.) What makes me smile every time I read this book is the witty yet elegant dialog. I LOVE the way the speak. I really like Will. He seems to be the kind of lovable misfit of the band. He just got caught up in everything so much that he did not even notice anything else. That's how I get if I am really into something. =) I also liked how heroic he was when he was told he was going to hang. He really did not cower, or whimper, but went to it bravely. I thought it was hilarious about Robin Hood meeting his cousin both dressed in scarlet! I also think that it is funny, that any of his new recruits that we have witnessed being recruited have all fought Robin Hood first, before realizing that it was him, and then joining his band. It makes me laugh. Well I can't wait to read the next chapters!