Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chapters 36-40 (B.J)

BOstan Said....
I was SO worried when she got to go up on the kite. Every gust of wind really made me worried but i didn't expect her to go a sail'in. I now she will survive but i don't know how, i can't wait to find out! I am glad she is safe though and i like from the sound of it her kip and the water fall. I totally forgot that back then not many people knew how to swim. I just expected them to because they were on a ship. But i am glad she is learning how. And i thought the part where she is flyin over the water was funny, she was preparing herself to die, but when she found that she might not need to she named the kite the "hope" and sailed her way to the land. And my second favorite part was when she got really excited for the clam shell, that was funny. I would never have thought to use it for that. Maybe a bowl but that idea was smart. I really liked these chapters!

And i hope when and if she gets rescued by her mates i hope Davy won't have told every one that Jack was a girl.

Lain Said....

I really enjoyed these chapters, but they made me worry. I thought it was hilarious when Davy found them. I thought that Jamie would have a completely different reaction to what he did. When Jacky went up in the kite I admit I was not all that worried. Then when the tree got pulled out of the ground I was shocked. I thought if anything went wrong, the rope would brake, defiantly not the tree being pulled out of the ground. I new she had to get out of the predicament, because there is a sequel, but I had no idea how she was going to do it. I was very relieved that she found a good landing place and that she was able to land. She seemed to handle the whole castaway thing pretty well. I am also glad that she was able to contact the others on the other island. I can't wait to read the next chapters.

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