Friday, May 15, 2009

Chapters 31-35 (B.J) (Thursday)

Bostan Said............

I really liked these chapters yet again!

I love how she is being a good girl. (Heheheheh)

My favorite part was when they go to Kingston Jamaica. And the whole Jamiey and "the island girl" that was cute and funny. It was a small part but i laughed about the donkey in the bushes. Then the fight with the Pirate! I was worried that another friend was going to die but i am glad that, that never happened. And the leg on deck was pretty weird, poor Master, he has to wobble the rest of his life. It was weird but it must have happened when two ships fight. Things go flying and stuff and if you get in the way, well.....
And i can't wait to read the next chapters, i want to see what happens next!

Lain Said.............

I really liked these chapters also.  I loved how much Jamie was in love with Jacky. I think it is so sweet. I also thought it was hilarious with the island girl. Those boys are such dogs. (hehehehehehheheheehehehe) I was so scared in the pirate fight. I knew Jacky was not going to die, but I was so worried about Jamie. When I found out that no one else died, I was so relieved. I am happy with the way that these chapters have played out. I can't wait to read the rest!

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