Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapters 16-20 (BJ)

Bostan Said..............................
I really really like this book, i like a lot of books but the ones that i don't want to put down i really like and love. I like how Jacky went to the woman on the island, a few jabs and she knew Jacky was a girl. I was really sad when Benji died that was so sad, but i am glad they took the time to mourn, that's nice. I have seen Tattoo's being made and that looks Painful! but i can't even imagine getting one back then. That would have been very hard and painful. I think we all knew that she was gonna get a tattoo, because of the second book, Curse of the Blue Tattoo.
I have tons of more good points in this story but i might run out of pages. I really like this book.
Can't wait to read on....

Lain Said..................................

These chapters made me laugh. I am glad she finally knows that she is not "dieing". I think that it is funny that they all got the same tattoo. I also laughed when one of them passed out, when getting his. I am glad that the pirate did not get Jaimy. I would feel the same way Jack feels about her new nick name Bloody Jack. I would hate it, even though it is supposedly "honorable". I think it is HORRIBLE that that is the reason why they keep the ship's boys with them in the smaller boats! All in all I am beginning to LOVE this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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