Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapters 26-30 (BJ)

Bostan Said.....................
I was very happy/worried when Sloat fell over board. I am glad something happened to him after the "Talk" But i was seriously worried what was gonna happen to Liam. I sort of knew she wouldn't die but the thought of her getting in trouble or her sea dad dieing was sad. I like him (her sea dad) he is really nice, i hope if he finds out that Jack is a girl he won't be to mad or stuff, but i don't know he might already know something. That chapter when he was quiet and looked at her says something or nothing. I think these chapters have been filled in the most with action. I really like this book so far! I am also happy that Jamiey wants to marry her, that is so sweet. And i wonder how the boys are gonna take that she is a girl, if they do find out. I hope it is as funny as when Jamiey found out.

Lain Said..........................
I was feeling so bad for Jacky. She was so alone. But that was much better than having a "talk" below decks with Stoat. He was horrid, and I am happy that he is now gone. I was also worried about Jacky when she might have been hung, but was so happy when she was not. I did not see that coming with her and Jaimy. I new she liked him, but I always thought he would find out in the end, and then it would be to late, or something of the sort. I am glad they are so happy with each other, and I think it is sweet that he told her that he wants to marry her. I think these chapters seem to be going faster and faster, and I NEVER want to put the book down. I can't wait to read the next chapters. =)

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