Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chapters 10-15 (BJ)

Bostan Said............................
I really liked how she tried to find out what was happening to her in class. Even though it didn't work. I agree i would freak out, and defiantly think that i was die'in. (That guy is getting more and more freaky) It is cute that she is in love with James, i have to admit i like him the best out of the boys. He is silent at times but would stick up for someone and he would stick up for his boys.
I thought the chapter when she stuffed her pants was SO FUNNY. She is well rigged! I am glad that she can sew, it means that she is more lady like than she thinks. And i can't wait to go on.

Lain Said................................

I really liked these chapters and thought them very funny. I new this problem was coming, but I also thought it funny that Jacky had no idea what was coming, and also no idea what it is. It made me laugh, but I guess if I had not been told, I would have thought the same thing. I also think it is funny that she asked the "question" in the class. I wonder if the other boys find out, what they will think. All in all it was great, and am happy that she has found something she enjoys, which is to sew.


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  1. I have heard of Nobody's princess, but i never really read about it. It sounds interesting.

    I noted it is after the story of Helen of Troy.