Friday, May 1, 2009

Chapters 7-9 (R.H) Pages: 50-84

BOstan Said............

Very good reading, i say! It was more action pron during these three chapters and it was nice to see it (Read it i mean). Robin and his band loosing Will and trying to get him back. Good old Robin Hood! And the more "in" conversation with Robin and Little John about the sheriff and Guy. Guy seems different in this version and i don't think it is that bad, its nice to read a different version. I like how they made these chapters spaced in time from the prier ones and so Maid Marian is a bit older which is nice. And i can't wait to read more about her and see how she is. Oh and i liked the surprise in Chapter 9, Robin meeting his match. I like the chapters so far. They are witty and smart!

Lain Said.............

I really enjoyed today's reading. I really enjoyed the balance of conversation and fighting. It really was displayed right before you eyes, (if you have a good imagination, that is.) What makes me smile every time I read this book is the witty yet elegant dialog. I LOVE the way the speak. I really like Will. He seems to be the kind of lovable misfit of the band. He just got caught up in everything so much that he did not even notice anything else. That's how I get if I am really into something. =) I also liked how heroic he was when he was told he was going to hang. He really did not cower, or whimper, but went to it bravely. I thought it was hilarious about Robin Hood meeting his cousin both dressed in scarlet! I also think that it is funny, that any of his new recruits that we have witnessed being recruited have all fought Robin Hood first, before realizing that it was him, and then joining his band. It makes me laugh. Well I can't wait to read the next chapters!


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