Monday, February 15, 2010

Chapter 48-50 (Emma) (Mon)

BOstan Said.....

I loved this reading it was simply marvy! Every thing was reveled and brought out openly and wonderfully. I loved it very much. I loved the chapter when Mr. Knightley comes to visit after coming directly from London and the whole of what he tells her. Sooooo great!!! one of my favorites i must say. (That would be chapter 49) And i also really loved chapter 50 it was mostly a letter but it was completely necessary. It brought the whole of Mr. Churchill's side of the story to the table and i always love him even though he is not always making the right decisions. And as a romantic Lain should agree and understand him. Liking him even though she had not always. :)

Well i can't wait to read the next reading, we have still i think two more days!

Thanks BOstan~

Lain Said......

I also LOVED this reading!!!! I loved how everything was finally made perfectly clear.... Though I do still hold some resentment against Frank.... I do hold him in higher regard... The only reason for my forgiving him some, is because Emma was a flirt with him, almost as much as he was with her... I don't know... i just respect him a lot more... Though I do think that Miss Fairfax is doing very well in marring him... I always loved her as a character, so I am glad she ended up with him... and I think she deserved it... I really liked today's reading... and I can't wait to read the rest!!!11


  1. but i think that if you are a true romantic you would have excused his behavior. But i don't think they were flirts personally. They were just in good humor and both were unattached.

  2. But he WAS attached!!! I would not have felt him to have done any wrong, if he had not been attached to Jane beforehand... But since he was... I can not FULLY dismiss his actions... Though I do feel a little friendlier twords him...

  3. Yes he was attached to jane and he did wrong but he was not attached to emma and their for you must see his side of things. I can only agree with emma, she knows him to have done wrong but forgives him. And as a romantic (for i am not always fully) he could not have lived with out having jane in his life. You said yourself that love makes you do crazy things. (I am not a foolish romantic i am a realistic romantic. but that is another subject.)

  4. no, no.... You are misunderstanding me. I am FINE with him not being with Emma, totally fine with it. I just did not like how he flirted with her, when he was ALREADY attached to Jane, so there for he should not have been flirting with another girl... It is me being a romantic that makes me mad at him!!!!