Monday, December 7, 2009

Chapters 45-47 (Emma)

BOstan Said...
I vastly enjoyed and loved these chapters, they bring together a perfect mistake gone wrong. The whole of Mr. Knightley going away, Frank's Aunt dying , Jane turning ill, Emma trying to be a better friend to Jane, and the whole truths lead to a disastrous end. All leading to lies, betrayal and truths. I found it wonderfully written and over something i still can't believe that Mr. Churchill and Jane Fairfax to be together, how he treated her ill and though i must admit he was and must have felt ever bit bad for doing it, and i think it was good of him to come out with the truth to his father and the Bates. He shows courage then, if he did not have it till that moment. I loved each chapter and cannot wait to read tomorrows sorrows and blessings.

Lain Said........

I immensely enjoyed these chapters!!! They made me laugh constantly. Everything is just kind of coming undone!!!! The aunt died (which I must say, is for the better), and truths were constantly becoming uncovered!!! I myself can not hardly believe that Jane and Mr. Churchill are together!!! What a shock!!!!It just puts my resolve that Jane is good, and Mr. Churchill is a fiend, more so than ever!!! To treat her so!!!! Horrible man!!!!! hehehehe (Sorry I could not help myself) Anyway, I think these chapters really gave a good account of how things can go wrong, and how you do not notice things until others bring them out!!! I am kind of glad that Emma is so distressed!! It is only right that she be so, for she put herself in this mess by her lonesome!!! I loved these chapters and can't wait to read more!!!

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