Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ideas on Bible Reading

 Here are a few ideas for our daily bible reading:
(I got some of them from the April Awake)
We could do a different reading each day, something like this?

Monday: Weekly Bible reading (from Theocratic Ministry School)
Tuesday: The accounts of Jesus Life (Matthew-John)
Wednesday: Poetry and Songs (Job, Psalms, and Song of Solomon
Thursday: Prophecy and moral guidance (Isaiah to Malachi, and Revelation)
Friday : Advice (Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes)
Saturday: Letters (Romans to Jude)
Sunday: Wild card, (a bible book that we pick, we can each take a turn =))

Or we could do something different, it does not matter. =) I was wondering how many chapters you want to read a day. I think 4 would be good, we can do more or less, what ever you would like. Well these are just a suggestion, so feel free to tell me about what you think, and suggest things if you would like. Well I hope you like!!


  1. I like the do something new plan.
    Hey can we do three chapters, but the weekly bible reading we can do the regular reading.
    YOu can say no if you want.

  2. I did it again. Above Comment= BOSTAN SAID.....

  3. IT is fine. Three chapters sounds good. Not to much but not to little! More on the bible reading later.