Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chapters 7 and 8 (TROMC)

Bostan Said..............
For me i think this my favorite read yet, and personally i was a little sad that Eben and Sarah did not stay together, but maybe they will be reunited.
Maybe we can see Joseph and Mercy together???? He is only 13 and she is 11, maybe in a few years, or not. But if she does end with someone else than i hope he is a good match.
When Mr. Williams came i thought he was on the mean side but it was sooo sad that they did not let him see his daughter. But the good news is that Mercy/Munnonock's brothers are still alive and most of her friends are. Well their are more that i liked but that would be a very long list of it,

Lain Said....................

Yesterdays reading was very good. Mercy seems to be adapting so well. I think I would too, except the whole nude thing...... (hehehehhehehehehehehe) Any way, I thought their previous Minister was so MEAN to them. I felt so bad for Mercy, she was just being pummeled with hatred, and opposition. I also can defiantly see where he came from, losing his daughter, and finding her but not being able to see her, but at least he knows she is safe. I am happy with how the book is progressing, and cant wait to read more.

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