Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chapters 1-5 and Introduction

BOstan Said.......
I thought the book started off good, not slow or too fast. I liked the whole Princess Mia act in the beginning introduction, i thought that was pretty cute. I also liked how Cabot can be versatile and go from a teen book to a historical adaption. The character of Finn is good so far and i want to see were the Character Hugo takes me the reader. The next Five chapters are soon to come....

Lain Said............
Ummmmm..... I really liked the whole story line and the first chapter, but...... I am so sorry BOstan,
but I feal kind of uncomforatable reading this book, becasue of some of there descriptions in it. Do you mimd
if we swich books? Like maybe to the False Colors book? I also have that one in my library. Again, I am really
sorry and hope you don't mind. If you do, you canstill read it.


  1. I was a little uncomforatable to about those parts too, i might still read it i don't know. But yea we can switch over, you can pick another book, i would have to order False Colours, but thats not a problem if you don't mind waiting.

  2. Ohhh.... I thought you already had it. I don't mind waiting. I guess that we can read that first if you get it before I get my other books.I currently have on order, Room with a View and the ransom of mersy carter. So do you have any of them?? I am sorry about all this, but I just did not feel comfortable. What other books do you have right now??? We could just pick a completely different book that maybe we both will not have to order, or do you have to order all your books?? If you do, we will just go from which book we both have first as our first book. Sorry again... :( We will have to sort this out, but we have enough time to I guess.
    Your forever friend,


  3. p.s. I think Paridise just came in, if it did then we can read that. Tell you some time soon.

  4. Yeah that will be great!
    I am sorry about my pick, it wasn't such a good one.
    I have only Paradise and A room with a view, i want to order a few other that you mentioned, but i only have those two.
    Yours forever~

  5. Okay. I eather have paradise or room with a view at the library. I am not sure. I think I have paradise. If I get one before the other, it does not matter. The next two books I think should be Paradise and Room with a view. It's okay about the book you chose. You could not have known by the reviews. Half the time, when I go to a library, I just grab some books that look interesting and bring the home. Half of them don't turn out so good, but I just return them, so it is not a problem what so ever. So I will try to go to the library today, and see what book I got in so I can tell you. If I get to go to the library today we can start it tomorrow.

    p.s. we should have certain time that we defiantly look at our blog. I think when we get up and got to sleep are good time along with maybe a more middle of the day time. that way we are always current. Can't wait to hear form you!


  6. Cool that sounds good, but just incase i will order Ransom, by mersy Carter today or tomorrow, so it will be here maybe in a week or two.
    I usually check the blogs in the morning, sometimes mid-day and sometimes night, and that plan sounds good.