Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reading list

1. Ransom of mercy carter

2. False Colours

3. ------------------

4. Bloody Jack
5. (Jane Austen)


  1. I love to picture, and if you don't mind, could we read one of the following books for #3?

    1) Robin Hood, (I have been wanting to read the original for some time)
    2) The Ramsay Scallop
    3) Jackaroo
    4) On Fortune's Wheel
    If you don't like any of them it is fine. Just tell me. If you do that's great. And if you like more than one, we can always read it or them also in a later time. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Opps! I forgot to add this book. I also has it as an option, and it sounds good.

    5) In a Dark Wood.

  3. I had wanted to read Robin hood (because i am really into it) but i thought it looked confusing with the languege, but i can read it with you, no problem. They always have the book in borders.

    the ramsay of scallop sounded pretty interesting.
    On fortunes's wheel sounded also interesting.
    The book 'in a dark wood' i was just wondering who wrote it because i could not find it exactly.
    And Jackaroo sounded really good. and interesting, :)

    Talk to you later.

  4. That's great. Sorry about the whole In A Dark Wood mix up. It is written by Michael Cadnum. And is ironically also about Robin Hood. If you do't mind I would like to read Robin Hood for my pick for #3. If it gets to confusing than, we can always read one of the other books that I listed. I will keep the list of these books for my future picks for our reads, since we both liked them.
    I will post when exactly I am coming later today, because we bought the tickets yesterday, but my mom wants to tell my aunt first, so as soon as she does that I will be sure to post it. I can't wait!