Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chapters 10-12 (FC)

BOstan said.........

I still like it! I really like Cressy, and i don't know how the story is gonna end, but it will be something big or funny or something. I still like Kit's mother but she could act a little responsible and could stop spending on clothes for two seconds. I could understand if they were not in debt, but they are and she should stop or Kit should say something. But it was a funny way for Her admirer to tell Kit off, and if i were Kit i would just deny anything. Really.


Lain said...............

I thought it absolutely hilarious on how his mother justified her expenditures. I like Cressy all the more, for she is not afraid to do things some people back then would have thought to be a servants work, which is arranging flowers. I myself love to do so. I also think her grandmama is coming around.  She seems to be a little less unpleasant, and I am happy of her opinion of Kit. I also thought it was quite funny that Bonamy should have recognised Kit by the way he opened his snuff box! I would not be like him at all in his not wanting to know. I am the kind of person that loves to know a good secret. That is not to say that I will put my nose where it is not welcome. But I do love to know things, and am a very curious person. I also really liked Cressy for her calm response, and I wonder what in the world she meant when she said she was already interested in someone else. I have my ideas but will have to wait and see. 


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