Monday, April 6, 2009

Chapters 13-15 (FC)

Bostan Said...............

I got a few laughs during these chapters. I liked the response of Cressy, i really thought that she would be mad or at least giving him a lecture when he found out that she knew what he knew. But i suppose she knew of his secret for a while and had time enough to be mad in her way. And the return and explanation of Evelyn's travel, for some reason i thought he was chasing after something, more likely a girl. :)

But this explanation showed that Evelyn did not totally intentionally forget of his duty and that he has good virtues. I don't know why i was that naive to be tricked, i don't know if you were tricked on that response as i was.

But it was a turn when Evelyn said that he took a fancy to the the maiden of the family who took care of him when he had a very bad accident. I would have thought that Evelyn would go on not knowing of Kit's fancy to Cressy, that would have lead the story into another direction. But i really liked reading these chapters and the next chapters could not come any sloooower.


Lain Said.......................

I also extremely liked these chapters, and was happy that Cressy knew, so that is one of the nots that is out of the tangle. I was also so sure that Evelyn was out following some girl, but in fact he wasn't (sort of.) i am glad he is okay. patience sounds like a nice and beautiful girl. I just hope all goes well. can't wait to read the rest!


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  1. hey i wanted to know about the next read Robin Hood, do you have your copy? I don't have mine yet, but i will keep you posted.