Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chapters 19-22 (FC)

Bostan Said..............

I really liked the end of this book, the conclusion really was well thought of. It did not end on an exact event or the end of a important scene, but i could see it played out in a movie.( The camera coming off from a lower zoomed shot then slowly zooming out and the shot getting higher, and then the credits) I very much liked the ending because it showed how highly she loves her two boys, and how highly they love her. (But i still am not fond of Sir Ripple.) I really like books that end with a nice conclusion and don't go to far off in the future so that you can depicted a future with your own mind. Very well done i say.

Lain Said................

I really appreciated the ending of the book. They concluded it well, and rapped up all the lose ends. I extremely appreciated all the conversation in the book. I my self find that Sir Ripple grew on me. I think he was generally misunderstood. All in all I loved the book, although some parts were slow, which some people can not stand, I am not one of them. I think most books worth reading have at least a few slow spots, and if you are not ready to accept that, I don not think you should be reading at all. (Not really, if you are that kind of person, you just need to chose your books very carefully.) I thought the book was superbly written. 

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